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Melissa Blosser Accepts Douglas County Community Relations Position: A Farewell From Our Assistant Editor

Melissa Blosser will be working for Douglas County in Minden, NV as the Community Relations Coordinator.

A SusanvilleStuff Feature
Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor 

As a non-native of the Susanville community I was always amazed by the abilities, talents and warmth of the people in this community and the beauty of the area made me proud to call Susanville home.

As some as you may have heard I am leaving the Susanville area and moving to Minden, Nevada where I am lucky to have been granted the position of Community Relation Coordinator for Douglas County.

Through my positions, at the Fair, with the Hospital and now at SusanvilleStuff.com I was allowed the opportunity to get to know so many amazing people and many of you opened your hearts to me and told me your story.

I will always remember the way this community comes together to help each other in times of need through benefit dinners, charity, and volunteerism. It is a town of warmth where you can’t get through the grocery store without stopping to chat and although that might hold you up from time to time, you know you will always see a familiar face.

SusanvilleStuff.com has been an amazing job experience allowing me to explore my journalistic capabilities and so many of you trusted me to tell your side of the story honestly and truthfully.  I enjoyed all the features about great people doing great things and the Cousos have developed a media format allowing writers and photographers to submit positive stories and breathtaking photos highlighting the beauty of Susanville.

The social media component has been so fun and so many of you are so engaging, and I have learned from you just through your comments.

I will continue to write pieces for SusanvilleStuff.com becuase I believe it is an amazing publication.  I have seen so many people and businesses in the community support and enjoy all of it’s wholesome goodness. So although I will be leaving, I hope to bring a little piece of Susanville with me and keep my ties by writing a story or two.

Susanville will be forever imprinted in my mind as a beautiful memorable place which I was blessed to call home.

I will cherish the years I spent here on the Bizz Johnson Trail, running down a country road, attending the farmers market, harvesting my garden, feeling the cold dry wind on my face, snapping photos in a branding pen, attending community events, and who can forget the Lassen County Fair.

I am excited to call Douglas County my new home, but I will miss you Susanville. Thank you for allowing me to travel this path with all of you.


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