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Brewing+Art=KohBoom! Preparing for Lassen Ale Works Brewfest

Dr. Boomer and Dr. Kohrt have a name for their brewing, KohBoom Brewery.

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by Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor

Typically an eye doctor and a dentist don’t have too much in common, but for two local doctors; Dr. Kohrt, a local dentist and Dr. Boomer a local eye doctor, the love of crafting microbrew provides a common hobby allowing them to share the experience of making different types of beer to enjoy at home, with friends and family.

Dr. Greg Boomer began brewing with a club in the mid 80’s and then partnered with Dr. Robert Khort in the early 90’s and they have been brewing beer ever since – keeping a recipe book for over 20 years.

“Usually we get together on the weekends, decide what beer we want to brew and order ingredients,” said Boomer. “We usually brew a light medium and dark, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

According to the Brewers Association beer is a liquid made of water, malt, hops and yeasts. Variation in type beers that are brewed result from the particular yeast in the fermentation.

Water is the main ingredient, of course, followed by malted barley, hops and yeast. Variations include flavoring, sugar and other additives to create common types of known beers.

The pair typically brews three times a year and keeps the brew in the basement providing a cooler temperature. Sometimes the type of beer they brew depends on availability of ingredients.

The pair is very excited about entering Lassen Ale Works Home Brewers’ competition on Tuesday, October 30th.

“If there was a category for the most unique name, we would for sure have a chance,” said Khort. “The  Eye and Tooth Lager was named for obvious reasons.”

The pair will be entering three different brews The Full Brazilian Amber, The Supreme Stout and the Eye and Tooth Lager.

In addition to making their brew for themselves, they enjoy helping others learn about the craft. At the Rotary Wine Tasting in November the doctors are donating their time and expertise for a good cause. A winning bidder at the wine tasting auction will have a chance to learn the craft and make 4 cases of beer with the pair.

“We find, it gets us invited to some great parties,” said Boomer. “It’s all for fun.”

The Home Brewers’ competition takes place at Lassen Ale Works on October 30th at 5 p.m. for the panel tasting, judging and prize giving. Boomer and Khort will showcase their entries at the event alongside some of the other talented microwbrewers from our area.

“I have tasted a lot of homebrews and there are some good ones,” said Boomer. “But it’s all about how much beer gets drank at the Ale House on Tuesday.”



Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
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