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‘Missing in America’ Veteran’s Group Visits Susanville Sunday Morning




Updated 08/21 to correct the location of the lunch to Wal-Mart

A group of motorcycle riders travelling cross-country to Arlington Cemetery as part of the ‘Missing in America’ project will be in town Sunday morning for a short stop at the Veteran’s Hall before they continue on their journey to the east coast. The group is carrying the unclaimed remains of six veterans for burial with full honors at the National Cemetery.

The group will be joined here in town by the Patriot Guard riders, local law enforcement and Lassen High’s 7BN Cadet Corps for a procession down Main Street, arriving at the Susanville Wal-Mart store at 10:30.

There are an estimated 50 riders transporting the remains of these veterans and Susanville residents are being encouraged to line the route from the top of town to Wal-Mart Sunday morning between 10:00 and 10:30 to pay respects and to show support for the Missing in America project.

Once the group arrives the Blue Star Moms will be treating them to a lunch, after which the group will continue eastward.

The Missing in America Project

The Missing in America Project is a massive, nation-wide effort to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed remains of forgotten veterans. The group works with the American Legion and other volunteer service and veteran organizations, local funeral homes, state funeral commissions, state and national veterans administration agencies and the state and national veterans cemetery administrations, identifying and properly interring the unclaimed remains of forgotten veterans.

The six veterans being honored include one chosen from each branch of the military and one buffalo soldier; a US Army, Vietnam Veteran, Silver Star Recipient from Eureka, CA; a US Army, WWI, Buffalo Soldier from El Paso, TX; a US Marine, Vietnam Veteran and former MIAP State Coordinator from Phoenix, Arizona; a US Coast Guard Vietnam Era, from Seattle, WA and a US Navy Veteran, WWII, female, Phoenix, AZ US Air Force, Vietnam, Seattle, WA.

Full military honors services are at Arlington National Cemetery and will begin a 11:00a.m. on September 1st.


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