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Gallery: Celebrating National 4-H Week at Achievement Night


A SusanvilleStuff Feature
by Melissa Blosser

Although many of you have seen them in their green hats and whites at the county fair embracing their animals and cleaning their pens, 4-H clubs are active year round.  For many involved in 4-H the organization provides a set of values to be carried out through the duration of one’s life. National 4-H week is October 7th -13th and our local 4-H clubs are actively celebrating.

“4-H is important to Lassen County because it provides our youth an opportunity to develop leadership, citizenship, positive communication skills and responsibility,” said Vonda Emmert, Lassen County 4-H Council President. “Whether it is raising an animal for the fair or making blankets for the hospital, there is something for everyone.”

The 4 H’s stand for Head, Heart, Health and Hands and according to the National 4-H website 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. More than 6 million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban school yards and rural farming communities stand out among their peers.

“In 4-H you will learn skills that help to you build life skills such as getting scholarships and furthering your education,” said Emmert. “You will learn how to speak in public,how to write a resume, and how to interview and importantly you will meet new friends that like to do the same things you enjoy.”

Most people in 4-H will agree involvement in 4-H just brings people closer together. Many family conversations are about 4-H. What is next on the calendar? What ideas can the family help with fundraising? What events can be thought of  for the club to do? What is a great dish for the potluck? 4-H has a permanent spot the family calendar, and all other activities must be worked around Tuesday night meetings.

The club leaders are some of the best mentors to have. 4-H leaders give countless hours to their clubs and communities. They want to help youth achieve their goals only receive a simple thank you at the end of each year.

4-H allows many to have opportunities to travel and access to programs they might not be able to utilize and many of our local youth have participated in traveling and additional programs offered by 4-H.

“Members from Lassen County have attended Cal Focus, a state leadership conference that educate our youth on government and how it works. In the past we have had members participate in Washington Focus that addresses government leadership on a national level. Currently All Star Cheyenne Osborne is fundraising to accomplish the goal she has to go to Washington.”

“My son, Marcus, who also achieved his All Star rank and went to State Leadership Conference, was stunned by how much more 4-H is that just taking his animals to fairs and jackpots. He formed friendship with other members from other counties and other countries and keeps in contact with them today. Cheynne Ratkey traveled a few summers ago to do and exchange program in Australia.”

Help support our local program or find ways to get involved by calling our local 4-H office and speak to Darcy Hanson (530) 251-8285. You can also visit http://www.4-h.org/ fro more information about 4-H in general.

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