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New Business in Town; Hemphill Finds Salvaged Used Auto Parts

Jeff Hemphill, local Farmer and Rancher can get you used salvaged auto parts through his new business Truck World.


A SusanvilleStuff Feature 

by Melissa Blosser, Assistant Editor 

For many automobile or tractor owners finding a specialty part when a breakdown occurs or replacement is needed can be a tedious chore.  Jeff Hemphill, a local farmer and rancher, who has always had a knack for mechanic work, has opened a new specialty part finding business, Truck World.   Truck World specializes in finding specialty used truck, auto and ag parts and Hemphill can bring them right to your doorstep.

“Our business model is based around service,” said Hemphill.  “If you need a part, you lose your tailgate off your pick up getting wood, or a mirror needs to be replaced, I’ll go and find it for you, it’s as easy as that.”

The company is based in the Central Valley and once Hemphill receives the call he has access to several different junk and salvage yards all over and the resources to get look for the part quickly and the knowledge to know how to help.

“I will get it to you as quick as I can get it.” said Hemphill. “We take the work out of searching, and provide the service.”

The company also specializes in Agricultural parts such as rake teeth, tractor seats, and tillage parts.  This can be especially beneficial in the upcoming hay season, when a breakdown occurs, Hemphill is just a phone call away and can use his experience as a farmer and Ag Mechanics to search for the specialty part.

“I can speak from experience, sometimes you might get the part and it might not fit right, well then you have to send it back and wait,” said Hemphill.  “We will come and take it away and come back and get it, and then find you the right one and deliver.”

Hemphill says business has already picked up, the word is getting out, and he is excited about the new business.  Knowing so many different people in community as multi-generation farmer, Hemphill says finding that specialty part is a “challenge,” and he enjoys it.

” I enjoy the challenge of finding a part or searching for it and the satisfaction of getting that guy exactly what he needed  I have been there, I understand what that feels like,” said Hemphill.

Hemphill can be reached at (530) 260-6327.

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