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NWS Weather Bulletin: Triple Digits This Weekend? NOAA Says Maybe


Summer’s first multi-day period of heat is projected Thursday through Saturday and forecasters at the Reno Office of the National Weather Service are warning area residents to expect highs well into the 90s here in the Honey Lake Valley and Western Nevada, and into the 80s for Sierra communities, with potential for some records on Friday.

There is a 20-25% chance of cities such as Reno and Fallon hitting one hundred degrees on Friday.

Heat health impacts are possible, especially for vulnerable populations and those outdoors for extended periods. Now is a suitable time to ensure that cooling systems are in good working order.

Winds are expected to increase for the upcoming weekend. While not a major wind event, widespread gusts of 30 to 40mph are possible each afternoon Saturday and Sunday.

This would cause rough water on lakes, tricky travel for high profile vehicles, and increased turbulence for aviation. With dry air expected, these winds could also cause increased concern for rapid fire spread in vegetation that dries out due to the upcoming heat.

The hot temperatures will also result in minor rises on creeks and streams in the Sierra from snowmelt. Slightly higher flows of cold water could impact recreation and camping near streams, however levels will be well short of any flood stages.

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