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Paiute Meadows Run and Bike 2013


Niki Cunningham
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It was a beautiful day fro the Paiute Meadows Run and Bike Race. The Top Winners are:

1 mile Fun Run:
Overall Male Runner – Rhys Cooper
Overall Female Runner – Kieran Dollar

Age Group Awards:

Age                      Male                                    Female

0-6                       Hayes Price                        Autumn Robbins

2nd place           Colby Johnson                   Jordan Heffner

3rd place            Andrew Tim                       Addison Dollar

7,8,9                     Rhys Cooper                      Kieran Dollar

2nd place            Jesse Sandoval                  Ella Maioli

3rd place            Michael Cizin                     Chalise Robbins

10,11,12              Aaron Nickey                     Shannon Farrell

2nd place                                                        Charity Richards

3rd place                                                         Kenna Duncan

2 Mile Run
Overall Male Runner – Neil Growdon
Overall Female Runner – Ariana Miranda

Age Group Awards:

Age               Male                                    Female

0-19             Neil Growdon                    Ariana Miranda

2nd place     Aidan Motheral                 Mary Cizin

20-29                                                         Heidi Martinez

2nd place                                                  Bobbie Kirkpatrick

30-39                                                        Camille Buehler

2nd place                                                 Pamela Beaujon

40-49                                                       Janet Porter

2nd place                                                Kris Szovati

50-59                                                       Patty Forero


70 and up Gerald Douglass


4.8 Mile Run
Overall Male Runner – Adam Carrillo
Overall Female Runner – Lisa Balestrini

Age Group Awards:

Age             Male                                    Female

0-19            Max Dandois                     Amarisa Miranda

2nd place   Jesus Torres                       Kennedy Mitchell

20-29          Adam Carrillo                    Stephanie Johnson

2nd place    Edwin Blaha                       Tiffany Russell

30-39           Travis Szostak                    Prairie Burt

2nd place     Jason Farina                       Heidi Mena

40-49           Sean Buehler                     Lisa Balestrini

2nd place     James Daniels                    Andrea DeSilva

50-59            Mike Rivas                          Christi Whitcome

2nd place     Ray Bailey

60-69           Harry Hicks

2nd place    Ed Gann

70 and up    Martin Balding

7 Mile Bike Ride
Overall Winner – Paul Davainis
2nd Place – Dean Growdon

14 Mile Bike Ride
Overall Male Rider – Frank Winters
Overall Female Rider – Shayla Ashmore




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