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Photofeature: 4H and FFA Members Spread the Word About Jr. Livestock Auction


The Lassen County Fair is just a week away and 4H and FFA members from clubs all over the valley visited local businesses Tuesday, spreading the word about the July 21st, Jr. Livestock Auction.

It’s an annual tradition and a true sign that the fair is right around the corner. Club members, parents and advisers first gather at Memorial Park for pictures and to assign sections of town to different groups who then head out to hang posters in business windows up and down Main Street. They also visit KJDX radio station to record advertisements for the upcoming auction.

The Jr. Livestock Auction

Just after dawn on Sunday of the fair 4H and FFA exhibitors will make their way to the judging pavilion at the fairgrounds, ending months of grooming, training, feeding, conditioning and care of their prized animals, to be sold at the fair’s annual auction.

Jr. Livestock exhibitors purchase their market animals in the Fall or Spring depending on species and are responsible for feeding, grooming and taking care of their animal. They are also responsible for calculating their average daily gain (how many pounds they need to gain per day) to produce the best quality meat product for the buyer.

The 4H and FFA kids spend the week at the fair, taking care of their animals, showing their animals and making friendships and connections that can become lifelong.

After a long hot week of washing, grooming and showing, the Jr. Livestock Auction is where the kids will sell their animals.

“We just want everyone to come out and support the kids. This is a way for the youth to excel in life and help further their education. They are our future,” said Fair Manager Jim Wolcott.

The 4H and FFA Junior Livestock Auction will be held Sunday morning, July 21st, in the judging pavilion at the fairgrounds. Buyer registration and a good morning social begin at 8:30. The auction begins at 9:00.


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