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Photofeature: Masonic Lodge Honors 98th Annual Public Schools Week

Honorees gathered at Thursday night’s Public Schools Week celebration ~photos by Jim Chapman

The Grand Lodge of Masons of California and Susanville’s Lassen Lodge #149 celebrated education Thursday night at their 98th annual Public School Week ceremony held in the Masonic Hall on Lassen Street.

“Lassen Lodge #149 has for many years been involved in supporting our local public schools,” explains Lodge Secretary Jim chapman. “From year to year we have honored teachers, students or others who have made a commitment to our public schools system.”

The Masons honored participating area schools, serving Kindergarten to 12th Grade, recognizing the contributions of a teacher and two students from each school.

“It is an honor and a privilege for the Lodge to salute the contributions of our honorees,” said Chapman. “We look to our honorees to be a strong, vigilant force within our community to defend the American tradition of Public Education.”

Public Schools Week in California was founded by the late Grand Master Charles Albert Adams in 1920 when he issued a proclamation requesting all Masonic Lodges to observe Public Schools Week that year. The event has been observed annually since that time and each succeeding Grand Master has issued a similar proclamation.

2018 Honorees
Westwood Jr./Sr. High – teacher Louise Biggs,  student Manuel Amavizca
Fletcher Walker Elementary – teacher Amy Bruns, student Payge Martin
Sierra Primary – students Wyatt Barton and Annalise Cunningham
Fort Sage Middle School – students Kameron Houser and Maguela Floyd
Herlong High – teacher Terri Laughlin, students Jordan Gemignani and Autumn Thurber
Shaffer – teacher Ray Bailey, students Joel Hernandez and Lupita Orozco
Richmond – teacher Amy Phillips, students Zachery Mallery and Baylee Zahniser
Meadow View – teacher Nichole Martin, students Gavin Langford and Hazel Gaumont
McKinley – teacher Terri Bertocchi, students Dayvd Reed and Emma Ruiz
Long Valley-Svl – teacher Kelly Kreiensieck, students Abijah Galupo and Mia Hansen
Long Valley-Doyle – teacher Karen Rust, students Jake Smith and Jillian Giese
Office of Education – teacher Elizabeth Medlyn, students Brandon Nobles and Ariel Harvey
Lassen High – teacher Gary VanLandingham, students Connor Lewis and Gwyneth Stubbs
Johnstonville – teacher Bobbie Kirkpatrick, students Miguel Luna and Ellie Ward
Janesville – teacher Lesli Bray, students Gradyn Stone and Kathryn Baldwin
Mt. Lassen Charter – teacher Bill Loucks, students Colt Rivera and Kaitlyn Kennedy
Diamond View – teacher Amber Hedges-Pool, students Logan Growdon and Taliana Gracia

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