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Police Arrest Susanville Man After Hall Street Shooting that Left One Injured


A Susanville man was taken into custody late Sunday night after investigators from the Susanville Police Department traced his path to residence on Gail Way, where he had fled after allegedly being involved in a shooting at a Hall Street apartment complex.

After receiving several reports of gunfire and a related injury, SPD officers were dispatched to the apartments at 780 Hall Street around 4:40p.m., and began providing medical assistance with members of the Susanville Fire Department.

According to details from the department’s report, a 31-year-old male had what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to his body. The victim was taken to Reno by Air-Ambulance for immediate care.

“While on the scene, a description of the suspect was obtained,” explains Susanville Public Safety Chief Michael Bengoa-Bollinger. “The suspect’s vehicle left the area, and the information was broadcast to all local area law enforcement.”

“A citizen listening to their scanner heard the information and called the dispatch center, reporting that the vehicle and associated suspect were last seen on Gail Way.”

Deputies from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the California Highway Patrol quickly established a perimeter around a residence in the 1100 block of Gail Way.

According to Michael Bengoa-Bollinger the residence was known to law enforcement to be associated with the vehicle owner.

Shortly after 9:00p.m., the occupants were ordered from the residence and 43-year old Susanville resident William Michael Trujillo was taken into custody without incident.

“A subsequent search of the residence revealed a cache of firearms hidden inside. William Trujillo was taken to the Lassen County Jail and charged with attempted murder, felon in possession of firearms, possession of stolen property, and being a prohibited person in possession of ammunition.”

This is an ongoing investigation that is still in its early stages and if you have further information about the incident you are asked to please contact Detective Warner or Officer Monahan at the Susanville Police Department, 1.530.257.5603.