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Runners From Around the Country Headed Here for Bizz Marathon


This Saturday and Sunday, October 6th and 7th, runners from all over the world will travel to Susanville to compete in the 8th annual Bizz Johnson Marathon.

The event brings around 500 participants who run in one or more of the weekend’s races.

The full marathon begins at Mason Station near Westwood and travels the length of the Bizz Johnson Trail down to the finish line at Hobo Camp.

The main event, which is a USAT&F certified course and a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, will start at 9:00 Sunday morning.

Along with the full marathon the race weekend features two different half-marathon events, plus a 10K and a 50k run.

The 50k run begins near Mason Station and ends at Hobo Camp.

The Express Half-Marathon on Saturday does the second half of the full marathon. Runners will be bused to a remote start.

The Half-Marathon and 10K run on Sunday starts in Susanville and goes out and back using only the last quarter of the full marathon route.

For a schedule of events and other important marathon information you can log onto coastaltrailruns.com.

Map courtesy of coastaltrailruns.com


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