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Rush Fire Update: Sunday Midday Report on Conditions


Updated 8/19 10:45a.m.

Good morning everybody. Here is an update on the Rush fire and other wildfires burning in Lassen County today.

Firefighters have spent the weekend battling a multitude of small single-tree fires sparked by the lightning that swept through the area Friday night. Crews spent Saturday and Sunday doing reconnaissance and extinguishing the spot fires as they were found.

Most of the storm passed to the west and north of Susanville, leaving a trail of lightning strikes along the ridge above Eagle Lake and across Horse Lake and the north county.

The largest blaze burning in Lassen County at the moment is the 250,000 acre Rush fire, chewing through sagebrush, grass and juniper southeast of Ravendale and north of Wendel.

The fire is burning near a major natural gas line and transfer station, and power transmission lines that supply the Reno area and adjacent to Highway 395. It has also affected a number of ranching operations whose cattle are in the area.

On Saturday crews made significant progress as the weather conditions stabilized. Containment lines were established and fire spread was held along the Buck Horn area and will progress to the south on the north east side of the fire as conditions permit.

Burn out operations are progressing on the west side of Skedaddle Road towards Wendel Road.

Rush fire burns through sagebrush and grass - BLM Photo

What crews are doing today:

Line construction and burning operations will continue along the north eastern edge of the fire along the Buckhorn Road today. The fire, according to last night’s fire update, remains active along this edge.

Burning operations on the southern edge of the fire will continue on the west side of Skedaddle Mountain towards Wendel Road. This is the flank of the fire that gave Honey Lake Valley residents a spectacular, if scary, view of the fire Friday and Saturday nights.

Crews will mop up today along the inactive edges of the fire, primarily on the western flank and progressing east on both the north and south.

Crews will continue to scout the eastern flank of the fire to determine the extent of the fire’s spread and started constructing fire containment line where possible.

NorCal Team 2 will be transferring the command of the Rush Fire to the Northern Rockies National Management Team Monday. The incoming team will shadow NorCal Team 2 today and then assume command of the fire tomorrow morning at 6:00 am.

A more typical weather pattern is forecast for northern California with sunny, warm, dry conditions and gusty winds up to 20 miles per hour.

On August 17th, the BLM issued a closure order for public lands in the fire area to protect public health and safety.

The closed area is bounded by Highway 395 on the west, the Sand Pass Road on the east, and the Wendel Road on the south.

The new northern boundary for the public land closure is the Juniper Ridge, Tuledad, Stage Road, Marr Road, and Buckhorn Road extending to Nevada Highway 447 in Washoe County. Routes closed within this closure area include the Ramhorn Springs, Rye Patch Road, Buckhorn, Shinn Ranch, Stoney, Deep Cut, Smoke Creek, Skedaddle Ranch, Dry Valley, and Brubeck roads.

The Ramhorn Springs Campground and the Dodge Reservoir Campground are also is closed.

Fire officials also warn travelers along the Highway 395 corridor to please use caution where fire crews and equipment area working in the fire area.

A note for our readers who are LMUD customers – Due to the unstable nature of PG&E’s Caribou transmission line LMUD will be operating off of Honey Lake Power for the duration of the Plumas County Chips Fire. LMUD is asking that all customers conserve energy by unplugging or turning off all non-essential household equipment and appliances.

Rush Fire, Lassen County

Map of the Rush fire from BLM Sunday 8/19

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