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Select Forest Service Campgrounds to Open for Start of Fishing Season

With only 24" of water at the Marina boat ramp the Forest Service advises boaters to use caution when launching boats.
With only 24″ of water at the Marina boat ramp the Forest Service advises boaters to use caution when launching boats.

The Lassen National Forest will soon open select campgrounds near prime fishing waters as the 2015 fishing season gets underway with other campgrounds on the Forest’s three districts scheduled to open in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Almanor Ranger District campgrounds, including Butte Meadows, Cherry Hill, Alder, Elam, and Potato Patch, are set to open on April 24th, weather permitting. Visitors planning to camp at these locations should be prepared for low nighttime temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s.

Gurnsey Creek, Battle Creek, Almanor North, Almanor South, and Almanor Legacy campgrounds are scheduled to open the weekend of May 15th, as staffing and conditions allow. The opening dates for all other campgrounds on the Almanor Ranger District will also depend on staffing and conditions. Updates will be posted on the Forest website.

Butte Creek, Crater Lake, Goumaz, and Roxie Peconom campgrounds, on the Eagle Lake Ranger District, will be open by Memorial Day. The opening date for Bogard Campground is still to be determined due to tree blowdown.

According to district staff, the low water boat ramp at Eagle Lake will be open for use in time for the opening weekend of fishing season. However, as of the end of March, water levels are very low – from 24” at the foot of the ramp to 36” at 100 feet out from the shore. Updated measurements will be available weekly at the district office beginning in May and throughout the summer at the Marina. Boaters will have to decide whether water depths are adequate for launching their boats.

Concessionaire campgrounds on the Eagle Lake Ranger District, which include Aspen, Eagle, West Eagle, Merrill, and Christie, are set to open May 15th, according to concessionaire staff. The marina store will open with limited hours and supplies on May 16th, with full operation and supplies by May 21st, in time for Memorial Day weekend. An outdoor stand at the marina will offer hot food, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and breakfast burritos, beginning May 22nd.

Information on these facilities and services is available by calling 530-257-3067 until May 1st; afterward, you may call 530-825-3454.

Big Pine and Rocky Campgrounds along Hat Creek are scheduled to open by April 25th. Hat Creek, Cave, Bridge, and Honn campgrounds are closed for repair due to a recent storm event. These campgrounds will be opened as repairs are completed. Please monitor the Forest website for updated information.

Hat Creek Ranger District’s Old Station Visitor Center is set to open on April 25th. The center will be staffed for weekend visitors, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It will begin a summer schedule in mid-June, open four days a week, Thursday – Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Visitor Center is located at the junction of Highways 44 and 89. The staff there can provide helpful recreation information.

Dispersed camping is allowed in many places on the Forest. However, visitors are reminded to keep their vehicles on existing roadways, as cross-country travel is prohibited. This policy protects sensitive areas and resources, and prevents damage to vehicles.

Visitors are also reminded that campfires away from developed campgrounds require a California Campfire Permit. These permits may be obtained free of charge at any Cal Fire, Bureau of Land Management, or Forest Service office.

The Forest Service encourages anglers to review the 2015-2016 Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations Handbook for information and possible restrictions. This booklet is available at many fishing supply retail outlets. It is also posted on the web at: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Regulations.

For the most current recreation information, please contact the following Forest Service offices:
Almanor Ranger District (530) 258-2141
Eagle Lake Ranger District (530) 257-4188
Hat Creek Ranger District (530) 336-5521

You may also visit the Lassen National Forest website at www.fs.usda.gov/lassen.

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