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Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Two in Herlong After Reno Residential Burglary


A pair of Herlong residents were arrested by Lassen County Sheriff’s Deputies Friday, after the victim of a residential burglary in Reno electronically tracked a stolen laptop to a home in Herlong.

On May 22nd, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a victim of a residential burglary in Reno who believed he had located an item stolen from his home.

The victim, identified by the Sheriff’s Office as Reno resident Frank Hawbolt, hired an UBER driver on May 20th for a ride from his residence to a concert in Reno.

“He was picked up in a white Chevy Tahoe, driven by an UBER driver named Reina,” explains LCSO Operations Commander, Captain Kevin Jones.

The victim returned to his home in Reno on May 21st, to discover that his residence had been burglarized and several items, including an iPad, had been taken.

Hawbolt indicated the total loss of the theft was in excess of $17,000.

“Hawbolt told our office his iPad’s location tracking was on and he tracked it to a location in Lassen County, specifically Herlong,” said Captain Jones.

Carlos Olivarria in an LCSO booking photo
Reina Vandebrake in an LCSO booking photo

An LCSO Deputy recalled seeing a white Chevy Tahoe with an ‘UBER’ sticker parked at the property location where the “ping” was originating and Deputies and Detectives sought and received a search warrant for the residence and property in Herlong on May 25th.

“Upon service, almost all of the items reported stolen by Hawbolt were discovered in the residence of the suspects and an adjacent vehicle on the property.”

The UBER driver named Reina was located and identified by the LCSO as Reina Vanderbrake, who was driving a white Chevy Tahoe near the scene of the search warrant.

LCSO personnel arrested 32-year old Herlong resident Carlos Olivarria, and 37-year old Herlong resident Reina Vanderbrake and both were booked into the Lassen County Jail on a charge of possession of stolen property, their bail is set at $20,000.

The case has been referred to the Lassen County District Attorney’s office for prosecution.


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