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Sober Grad Gives Graduates a Fun Way to Celebrate


It’s graduation night, and for over twenty years that has meant that the Lassen County Office of Education, along with a lot of generous local sponsors are throwing a party for Lassen County’s graduating seniors.

The event was created so that seniors have a safe, fun and sober graduation experience to cap off their high school years.

Not only do seniors have a fun time, but they also have a chance to win big prizes! According to Office of Education’s Special Event Coordinator James Hall, sponsors have provided the students with a huge array of fun stuff to win. According to Hall these local sponsors, “have made it an amazing year.”

The party begins at 9:00p.m. at the fairgrounds, where students will spend the night having fun till the sun comes up.

For more information about the Sober Grad program, or to find out how you can contribute to next year’s event call the Lassen County Office of Education.


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