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Spalding Neighborhood Watch Marks Five Years and 100+ Members

Spalding Neighborhood Watch President Dan Davis presents LCSO Captain John Bohl with a thank you plaque for the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office. -photo provided

The Spalding Neighborhood Watch organization celebrated the close of its fifth year at a recent meeting, heading into 2019 with more than 100 members who work with local law enforcement to reduce criminal activity in their small community on the western shore of Eagle Lake. The group also presented the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office with a plaque thanking the agency for its service to the residents of the county.

According to Dan Davis, President of the SNW, the group was founded in January, 2013 by a handful of residents with very few resources. Since then the watch group has worked with law enforcement to deter crimes like residential burglary, theft, theft of utilities and has helped facilitate the return of stolen property.

“One of the most important advantages SNW provides is an open conduit of communication at our monthly meetings between local residents and our Sheriff’s Office,” explains Davis who characterized the monthly conversation as a mutual awareness approach.

Spalding watch-group participants have received dozens of lecture hours from State and County representatives on the mission and operation of government departments.

“Members have received training in the legal use and possession of O.C. agents, first aid, CPR, downed line identification and safety, use of two way radio communication with discipline and 10-series with the primary purpose being to observe and report illegal activity to law enforcement,” said Davis.

Not only do the organization’s members work to deter crime in their neighborhood, they also contribute to other groups like the Lassen County K-9 Association and the Veterans’ Guest House.

“We have worked with the VFO to provide emergency medical equipment for public use, abate weeds, repair or replace sign posts on approximately 75% of Spalding street signs. We provide address numbers for residents to post on homes and individual support to community residents.”

SNW also acknowledges other community and County efforts with certificate and plaques. At their first meeting of 2019 they presented LCSO Captain John Bohl with a plaque for the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office that reads, “In appreciation for all you do for the people of Lassen County. Thank You.”

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