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Special Use Authorization Operation on National Forest System Lands


National Forests and Grasslands provide the greatest diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities in the world, connecting people with nature in an unmatched variety of settings and activities. While a special use authorization or permit is not required for the majority of families and individual visitors to enjoy outdoor activities on the national forest system lands, the Lassen National Forest would like to remind visitors that certain activities on National Forest System lands require special use authorization.

Individuals or entities that want to operate commercial outfitting or guiding activities, or wish to conduct recreation events on National Forest System lands, must obtain a special use authorization approving their operations and activities.

Some activities that require a special use permit include fishing, tournaments, endurance rides and guiding services.

In general a permit is needed when:
a) An individual or organization needs to occupy, use, or build on Forest Service land for personal or business purposes, whether the duration is temporary or long term.
b) If there is a fee being charged or if income is derived from the use.
c) In situations where there is a sale of service, whether or not the primary aim is to produce a profit.
d) If an activity on those lands land involve individuals or organization with 75 or more participants or spectators.

Sound stewardship of your National Forests includes proper management of commercial activities and appropriate permitting of special events.

A permit is also required if Forest Service facilities are used for events or services, such as boat launches where fishing tournaments are held or guiding services that are located on NFS lands.

Please contact your local Forest Service Office for more information about special uses and to obtain the necessary permit application forms:

• Eagle Lake Ranger District – (530) 257-4188
• Almanor Ranger District – (530) 258-2141
• Hat Creek Ranger District – (530) 336-5521

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