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Voluntary Evacuation Notice for Canyon Dam, Big Meadows, and Rocky Point Campground

Voluntary Evacuation Issued for Canyon Dam, Big Meadow, & Rocky Point Campground

Incident: Chips Wildfire

Due to the continued spread of fire to the northeast, the Plumas County Sheriff issued a Voluntary Evacuation Notice for Canyon Dam, Big Meadows, and Rocky Point Campground at 5 PM, August 13, 2012. Please see the Sheriff’s Evacuation Order Below.

UPDATE #8 8/13/12 1700 HOURS

Plumas County Sheriffs’ Office

Evacuation Order

“Chips Fire”Incident

Date: 8/13/12 Time: 1700 Hours

Incident: Wild Land Fire in the Feather River Canyon and Butt lake Areas

On 8/12/12 the Chips Fire produced “spot fires” up to one mile ahead of the fire line. This fire behavior has caused the necessary changes to the below listed Evacuation Area to help ensure the safety of the public and the fire personnel. This notice is an Advisory to all Prattville, Almanor, and West Almanor, East Shore residents (Hwy. 147) advising of the potential threat of the fire to these listed areas. Under this advisement residents are encouraged to begin preparation for potential evacuations, including family and pets. Stays tuned to media advisements and monitor the Plumas County website for updated information.

Due to the continual spread of fire to the Northeast, we are issuing a Voluntary Evacuation Notices to Canyon Dam, Big Meadows and Rocky Point campground.

Due to current weather conditions and fire behavior the following Road Closures, Evacuation Orders and Sheriff’s Advisement are in effect.

Highway Closures

  • -Caribou Road to Butt Lake Dam from Highway 70- “Hard Closure”
  • – Rush Creek Road from Highway 70 – “Hard Closure”
  • – All additional secondary roads North of Highway 70 between Rock Creek Dam and Twain from Highway 70- “Soft Closures”
  • – Seneca Road from Highway 89 – “Hard Closure”
  • – Butt Lake Dam, Ohio Valley Road, Butt Lake Road, Humbug/Humboldt Road and all additional secondary roads West of Highway 89 between Canyon Dam and the Humbug/Humboldt Road from Highway 89- “Hard Closure”.

Evacuation Orders

  • -Sheriff’s Mandatory Evacuation- Caribou Road from Hwy 70 to the Butt Lake Dam
  • -Sheriff’s Mandatory Evacuation- Rush Creek Road and Seneca Road
  • -Sheriff’s Mandatory Evacuation- Butt Lake Area, Ohio Valley, Humbug and Humboldt Area, and Yellow Creek Area.
  • Sheriff’s Voluntary Evacuation
  • -Canyon Dam
  • -Big Meadows
  • -Rocky Point Campground
  • Sheriff’s Advisement
  • -Hwy 70 from Tobin to Twain.


Sheriff’s Advisement- Will be sent to all local radio and news stations, Public Information Officer Plumas County, Local OES Director, Fire Departments in the affected area, and the Chips Incident Command Team. Due to the Chips Fire and it’s behavior the above listed communities are under a Sheriff’s Advisement. Residents are encouraged to make an evacuation plan, to include the gathering of photos, important documents and priceless keepsakes. Please discuss with your family a location you will travel to, should the need arise to evacuate. Ensure you have also made arrangements for the care and safekeeping of your pets.

Sheriff’s Voluntary Evacuation- Due to the potential threat to life and property by a wild land fire, residents are encouraged to leave the area. The area will be staffed by Law Enforcement and residents will be advised of the threat, but no road closures for residents living in the area. The general public will not be allowed in the area “Soft Closure”.

Sheriff’s Mandatory Evacuation- Due to fire behavior and/or proximity to the wild land fire, residents are in imminent danger or the potential for imminent danger exists. Residents are encouraged to leave the area and road closures will be in effect for all roads around the evacuated area. These closures are “hard closures” residents and the general public will not be allowed back and/or escorted into the area until the evacuation is lifted “Hard Closures” to the local highways could also be established for the safety of fire personnel in the area. If “hard closures” are established it is a “Sheriff’s Mandatory Evacuation”, due to the fact that the general public will not be allowed free access and therefore can not adequately maintain food, supplies, medicine, etc.

Greg Hagwood

Sheriff/ Coroner

By Gerry Hendrick

Assistant Sheriff

Chips Fire, Plumas County

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