Home Announcements #WeAreLassenCounty Offers Comfort and Encouragement During These Difficult Times

#WeAreLassenCounty Offers Comfort and Encouragement During These Difficult Times


As Lassen County deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, comfort and encouragement are very important to the residents who live here. A new campaign called ‘We are Lassen County’ is designed to help uplift people’s spirits while keeping them connected to their community.

“We are not just Susanville, not just LHS, not just LCC, not just Westwood, not just Janesville, not just Standish. We are Lassen County,”  explains organizer Neil Growdon, who created the campaign after growing concerned because the number of calls, texts and deaths reported by the National Suicide Prevention Organization had more than doubled in the past week.

Lassen County residents can give support and post encouragement with the hashtag #wearelassencounty on Instagram and Facebook.

The #wearelassencounty campaign has created a flyer that they are encouraging businesses to print and display in their windows for the duration of the crisis. The flyer, with a logo designed by Gaige Thompson, will be accompanied by large signs placed around the county. If you would like to download the flyer to print click here.

“Help your neighbors as much as you can, and let them know that, no matter what, we are all in this together,” said Growdon.

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