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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Bottle and Brush Art Bar

By Terra Avilla

Listen up ladies and gentleman. If Bryan Haynes can help me paint a picture that actually resembled what it was supposed to look like, then he can help anyone.

Last Friday I had an absolutely wonderful time with my bestie, Heather, as the two of us took to the town to enjoy a much-needed moms’ night out.

The atmosphere at Bottle and Brush is absolutely perfect. It is a wonderful spot in our town to enjoy some wine and company. (I don’t even like wine and I found a drink I like!)

Heather had booked the class online and the rest was seriously the most stress-free thing, ever. The staff at Bottle and Brush do everything for you. From bringing you your charcuterie, to helping you with whatever paint debacle you think you would like to create.

It is the perfect event for some much-needed girl time, or a date night. I can’t wait until baseball season is over so I can take my husband there! I know he will enjoy it, despite his own proclamation that he is not “artsy.”

Following along with Bryan is not only easy, but he is very entertaining and captivating, which works wonders on individuals like me, whose ADD sends them into a tailspin.

At one point he walked around the room and I laughed and told him to not look at my painting. Bryan laughed and said everyone’s work was wonderful and he was just watching their progress. It really is a no judgment zone.

The class was stacked with familiar faces, and I even made a friend. (Shout out to Deb and her son -wherever you are!) She sat across from Heather and I and we all were having a very good time with one another.

And I know it’s not just the art classes that make this business so special. Roxana and Bryan Haynes (the owners) have gone out of their way to create a place for individuals to go to relax, and socialize in a very unique way.

I feel, actually, quite mad at myself for never having really gone inside before, because I have been missing out.

Not only do they serve wine and offer paint classes, they also have a really cool retail section.

During the holiday season a lot of our older kiddos want art sets, and I reached out to them asking if they could construct like 30 kits in two days, and they happily did it for us. And they were a huge hit!

At that time, when I went inside to collect the kits, I was blown away at the beautiful handmade items they have for sale, including jewelry, handbags, candles, paintings and more. It’s definitely a great spot to pick up some unique gifts.

Businesses like Bottle and Brush are so important for our town because, while they are new and exciting, they are the hearts of the people who work there, most definitely still have a very hometown feel.

This week, they are hosting a fundraiser for Lassen Family Services, donating much of the proceeds straight back into our community. This is a wonderful place we have, nestled on Main Street, right in the center of the community that I love.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff.com Publisher/Editor
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