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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Briseis Myers

By Terra Avilla

Having children creates a different level of anxiety. Aside from concerns about their well-being, their growth rates, their reading level, their diet, their education, one of the most important things I worry about is my child being a nice human being. Being a kind, thoughtful person. Being a child that adults want their own kids to be around.

I want my child to be the kid in the class that when they go over to a play date, the other parent isn’t counting the minutes until they get picked up. Today, I write about one of the youngest features my article has ever showcased, little ten-year-old Briseis Myers.

The fact that “Brie” is so wonderful is really no surprise as she is the daughter of my two personal heroes Christi and Leon Myers. I met Briseis of course, through her parents many years ago. The blessing of living in such a close-knit community is being the opportunity to watch her grow.

In the time I have known this little superstar, I have seen her be a soccer star. This past spring, I was able to watch her front and center in her starring role in best of Broadway. She was striking and wonderful. I felt so proud of her, and she isn’t even my own daughter.

Despite being so young Little Miss Brie is incredibly multi-dimensional. Not only does know how to dance and sing, but she is also on our local swim team and is absolutely a little athlete. Swimming is no easy feat, but she makes it look like a walk in the park.

More impressively, aside from her athleticism, and after school activities, Brie is who I want my daughter to look up to. Brie is who I look up to. Brie is kind and inclusive. Brie is thoughtful and sweet. When in a group of children, Brie is the child who makes sure that every kid feels welcome.

Brie is the kid you hope and pray will find your kid when your kid is struggling.

I have no doubt that if anyone, no matter their age, needed a friend, Brie would be that person. I can attest to this from first-hand knowledge.

Due to the demands of Holiday with a Hero, Peach and Brie often end up running around while their parents try and fundraise, are having a board meeting, are shopping for gifts, or like last year spent days and days, bagging and tagging and organizing gifts. During this time, Brie, who is two years older than my little Anna, does nothing but make Peach feel included.

Peach idolizes Brie, and I’m sure having a second-grader tag around you all the time gets tiresome, but Brie is so patient and kind with her.

At the golf tournament, poor Brie (who by the way WANTED to come help us volunteer) was inundated not only by Peach, but by Pearl and my baby. She was so kind (and mature beyond her years) that I couldn’t help but smile.

This beautiful little gem, helping take care of my children as she is invested in helping her parents and I with mundane tasks, to help other children in the county. It was selfless. It was beautiful. It was one of the many examples of why I love her and why she is one of the reasons I love where we live. (And I cannot wait to see her grow!)

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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