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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Christmas Time in Lassen County


By Terra Avilla

Oh, this community of ours. This wonderful, beautiful community. There is nothing like Christmas time in Lassen County. Starting with the Christmas tree lighting and parade (which by the way, did it not feel like we were in a Hallmark Movie?) through all of the community events, leading to Christmas Day. It is just the best of the best.

There are so many reasons that cumulate into why our community is like no other during the holiday season. Obviously, I just finished with our annual Holiday with a Hero event, and like every other year, the event humbles me, and makes me fall deeper in love with the people that live here.

Story after story of our community doing small things for others. Like the staff at the college who came in on their day off to volunteer. And by volunteer, I mean making food for the masses.

Or the Hero that delivered a cord of wood to his kiddos house yesterday because during the bus ride to Walmart the child apparently made a comment about not having a lot of heat in their home. (Insert tears of joy).

And don’t get me started on those silly wonderful bus drivers, who also donated all their time to our event, and that is just a small glimpse into the three hours of one day.

Let’s talk about Carla over at Salvation Army who is full steam ahead for the Salvation Army tree staying late at night to help tag and bag gifts, or Terrie Ginder from Toys for Tots, who despite her own family things to deal with, flew back across the country to run her program this year for the kiddos of Lassen County.

Nowhere else would people be this dedicated.

Then we have the wonderful hearts at the Fairgrounds making sure that the annual tradition families have of looking at Christmas lights continues, or the wonderful live nativity my family and I were able to see this weekend. Just breathtaking.

It’s the teachers who, despite not getting paid nearly enough, sent their students home with gifts and goodies that they spent their own money on. It’s the Christmas themed songs during worship in church, it’s Chris Cobian, who I caught shoveling the driveways of an elderly man, because he knew the man lived alone. It’s our community taking care of each other.

It’s all the small things that when we add them up, we realize are truly the very big things.

The Christmas recitals for your kid’s schools, sitting with your friends as you watch your kiddo sing their rendition of jingle bells for the tenth time this month. The tin cans of goodies you get from neighbors, and our very best Postal Carriers and FedEx drivers etc., who are working overtime to carefully deliver our packages.

I lived in Reno the majority of my life, and while I enjoyed being there, I can attest there is no place to spend the holidays like our little community, which is of course one of the reasons I love where we live!

I am wishing you all the very Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year!

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