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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Gunkies Mobile Detailing

By Terra Avilla

The story goes like this: a local couple, (let’s just call them Terra and Frank), had let their vehicles fall into a state of well… disrepair.

Terra and Frank had three little gremlins – I mean children – who during softball season practically live in and out of these aforementioned vehicles.

Terra’s car in particular was harboring a few unwelcome guests – what was possibly a veritable ecosystem of new life forms thriving in the neglected crevices and corners… but I digress.

When this whimsical couple heard about a car detailer that would come to them, they knew they had to give him a chance.

Terra and Frank watched in awe as Zach meticulously worked through their vehicles, wielding an array of specialized tools and products with the precision of surgeons. Every nook and cranny were scrutinized, every speck of dirt and grime was painstakingly removed, and the once-dull exteriors were transformed into gleaming, mirror-like surfaces.

As the hours ticked by, Zach’s dedication and attention to detail became increasingly apparent. He left no French fry unvacuumed and no stray dog hair untouched. Like serious guys, both vehicles, by the time Zack was done, both vehicles looked as if they had just rolled off the showroom floor, leaving us both speechless.

IF you haven’t guessed by now, this is not a fictional story, but rather my attempt to show the amount of appreciation (and awe) I have for Zack and Gunkies Mobile Detailing. When I tell you he worked all day. I mean he worked all day. One for each vehicle. Zack spent an entire day on Frankie’s truck and entire day getting my mom ride, back to looking like a vehicle and not a Bill Nye Science Experiment.

But most importantly he was so dang sweet (and non-judgmental) I must have apologized three different times for the state my vehicle was in, and he was so kind and stated that it was totally fine and that he details cars like mine all the time.

He arrived on time and was working on our cars all day. My daughters, of course, were intrigued by him in the front yard/driveway so they made every effort to be out front (and of course be in his way) but he just kept working and was again so kind to them.

Gunkies Mobile Detailing. Owned and operated by the talented Zach, this mobile detailing service has become the talk of the town, with residents raving about the incredible transformation their vehicles undergo after a visit from Zach and his team.

Zach is the owner of Gunkies, and is a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, who decided to turn his passion into a business. With an eye for detail and a relentless commitment to excellence, Zach set out to provide the residents of our small town with a detailing experience that would leave them nothing short of amazed. I cannot recommend him enough.

It is so refreshing to see a young businessman that over-delivers. I know he will be successful, because there is no chance that his customers won’t be repeat customers and rave about his work. He is truly a gem and one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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