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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: James Giles

By Terra Avilla

Consider yourself lucky. You get to read about one of my new all-time favorite people! Someone who is so funny, and incredibly kind. Oh yeah and so smart. I am talking about James Giles.

Consider yourself lucky if you know at least one Giles, but you are incredibly blessed if you know the entire family. I fall into the latter category, and I am going to share with you why they are such a blessing to our community.

Every institution has its unsung heroes, and at Lassen College, one such individual is James Giles. As part of the IT department, James has become somewhat of a legend, not just for his technical expertise but for his patience and humor, especially when dealing with those of us who are, let’s say, less than tech-savvy.

Take, for instance, the time I found myself in a digital pickle with my passwords.

As someone who struggles to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, I had managed to lock myself out of virtually every system necessary for my day-to-day tasks.

Enter James Giles, the IT wizard with a smile that assures you everything will be alright. With a chuckle and a gentle, “Let’s get you sorted out,” he began the process of untangling my login woes.

As he worked his magic, he assured me that I wasn’t the idiot I told him I was, and was so patient with me, as I asked him a string of questions that I very well probably should have known. He also so patiently told me the correct way to pronounce his last name.

However, beyond his role at Lassen College, James is a man of deep faith and family values. His work as a Christian is evident in the way he carries himself with grace and integrity.

But perhaps the role that James cherishes most is that of a father. Within minutes of speaking to him, he is certain to mention his beautiful wife (Jamie) as well as his girls.

A proud “girl dad,” he is raising four daughters, each with their unique personalities and hobbies. James often shares heartwarming anecdotes of his daughters’ antics, from impromptu trips or daddy daughter activities with his girls. to the weekend soccer games where he’s not just a spectator but their biggest cheerleader.

Pearl, one of his daughters, plays the piano for our church and you can literally see his eyes light up when he watches her. He often talks about the joys and challenges of raising strong, independent young women, and it’s clear that his daughters are the center of his world.

James also has the light when he talks about his beautiful wife Jamie. She also works at the college and one of my favorite things is to watch the two of them together. They are both just good-good people.

May we all strive to bring as much dedication, warmth, and laughter to our workplaces as he does, because he not only makes Lassen College a better place, but he is also one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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