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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Jennifer Tupper

By Terra Avilla

You’d be surprised by how often I am approached by my friends, and other community members, with suggestions about possible subjects to feature in my Wednesday article.

Often though, I don’t know the individual that is being suggested, and, as you can surmise, that would make it quite difficult for me to write about them.

However, I always say the same thing. I tell the suggester, “If you would like to write up something, I’d be happy to have you as a guest writer.”

After all, I’m certain it is nice for all of you loyal readers occasionally to have a break from the usual insanity that I grace you with weekly.

Most of the time I don’t hear anything else back from the person suggesting, but, when ASB president Amanda Reeves reached out, I knew she would follow through.

As it turns out, in the bustling corridors and vibrant classrooms of Lassen College, one figure stands out for her unwavering dedication to student well-being and success: Jennifer Tupper.

Known affectionately as the “campus mom,” Tupper’s role extends far beyond her official duties, touching the lives of students in profound and lasting ways, and today you will get to read first-hand their viewpoint on the friendly face at Cougar “HQ”.

“First, I love that she is always there for all us students, and when I say she is there for support, suggestion or just a bottle of water, Jen always has a welcoming presence about her that brings all the students together.” Shannon Cunnigham.

Autumn Knight refers to Jennifer Tupper as the “heart of Lassen College”, adding, “I appreciate her always being there, from the smallest thing to the biggest. She is like a campus mom we all need.”

The accolades don’t stop there. Marrisa Mojarra writes, “Jennifer has always put her heart into everything she does. She makes everyone feel welcome and unjudged and free to be themselves.”

Jasmine Gisselberg writes, “Jennifer helped me in so many ways and I cannot begin to thank her enough. Whether it’s been I’m struggling in a class and need a place to study or something in my life is happening and I need someone to talk to, Jennifer has always been there. She runs Cougar Head Quarters and I feel that is my safe space. I get to be myself there and not have any judgement. IF I need anything she probably already has it. I will forever be grateful for Jennifer for all that she does not only for me, but for Lassen College.”

Hailey Contopolus writes, “When I was in high school, I became convinced that school was a miserable non-safe place. When I came to Lassen, that completely changed and that is all thanks to Jennifer Tupper. She has shown me that school can be inclusive and a safe place for all students. She has a heart of gold and has been one of the most important parts of my college experience. To know Jen, is to love her, and I definitely do.”

Sofie Kelly echoes all of the aforementioned sentiments, stating that Jennifer has been a great mentor for her at the college.

It just goes to prove that even in a community as small as ours, there are hidden treasures among us, just like Jennifer, who makes so many people love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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