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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Law Enforcement Torch Run

By Terra Avilla

Ah, Wednesdays in Lassen County – the glorious midpoint of the week when we can take a breather and appreciate the little things that make our community truly special.

This week, I am shining the spotlight on an event that I believe embodies the spirit of community, and is also just some good old-fashioned fun: the Lassen County Torch Run, benefiting the Special Olympics.

Spearheaded by the dedicated folks at the Lassen County Probation Department, this annual event brings together law enforcement officers, community members, and Special Olympics athletes for a heartwarming display of unity and support.

The torch runs represent the guardianship that law enforcement has taken over the Special Olympics movement and the role it commits that movement to treating people with intellectual disabilities in a manner that is respectful and dignified, as well as being a great fundraiser for an even greater cause.

As someone who wouldn’t consider themselves a runner (unless chasing after the ice cream truck counts), I was initially apprehensive about participating. This year marked my second time participating in the Lassen County Torch Run, and let me tell you, this event just keeps getting better and better!

If you happened to be out and about on Main Street that morning, you might have caught a glimpse of us – a colorful procession of runners, clad in our vibrant gear, passing the iconic “Flame of Hope” from hand to hand.

One of the most exciting changes this year was the route itself. Instead of sticking to the quieter side streets, we decided to take our run right through the heart of Main Street. (Special shout out to the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office and CHP for doing patrol and blocking intersections—but also for keeping me motivated to not ditch off and hitch hike the rest of the way – I’m looking at you Officer Meghan Lee!)

As I crossed the finish line (admittedly, a little winded but beaming with pride), I couldn’t help but feel a renewed appreciation for our tight-knit community. In a world that often feels divided, events like the Lassen County Torch Run remind us of the power of unity and the joy that comes from celebrating our differences.

So, here’s to the Lassen County Probation Department (now I’m looking at you Calli!) for their dedication to this incredible cause, and to all the participants who laced up their sneakers and showed up!

And a special shout-out to the local businesses and organizations that generously supported the event – your contributions truly make a difference.

Mark your calendars, folks, because next year’s Torch Run is sure to be even bigger and better. Who knows, maybe I’ll even start training for it this time (or at least invest in some quality running shoes), after all, it is one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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