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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Randy Cochran


By Terra Avilla

This week, I want to write about someone that is so very precious to me, I believe as a community that we must protect him at all costs.

He embodies all that is right with the world and is so incredibly wholesome that every time I see him, I just want to squeeze him and not let him go.

This week, I would like to highlight Randy Cochran.

I met Mr. Cochran through his son, (who you might know as the Susanville Police Chief, Ryan Cochran). Randy would pop in and out of the police department to visit his son, but always made it a point to say hi and greet everyone at the department.

Seeing him in the lobby soon became the highlight of my week. There was just something comforting about his presence. The kindness he radiates, and the softness of character.

And my dear friend Randy never came in empty handed. Always bringing in homemade beef jerky (the best I have ever had) and/or any other delicious treats.

He and his wonderful wife would come in, give hugs and offer company. When Leslie passed, Randy did not lose his empathy, or kindness.

Now, I am lucky enough to have this man as friend on Facebook, and through this friendship I am privy to his posts, and his thoughts. (He is so adorable he signs his Facebook posts with his name “Randy Cochran, which is the most endearing thing ever).

Although Randy is now retired, that is not to overshadow his wonderful career in public service and as a Police Officer. Randy had an amazing and esteemed career in law enforcement and listening to his stories is something I personally believe that all new cops should be mandated to do. (The world of policing would in fact, be better if everyone was like Randy).

Aside from his career, Randy of course is a beloved father and grandfather. Randy is incredibly involved and doting and proud of his family.

So supportive, and encouraging, not only to his own family but to all the children and teens he encounters. Checking in on and supporting all the children of his friends. Whenever I see him, he always takes time to ask me how my girls are doing and is really invested in my answers.

A fun fact about my friend Mr. Cochran is he is a brilliant writer and has started to compose a book. I am lucky enough he has let me take a sneak peek into his mind, and literature and he is just as captivating on paper as he is in real life.

Prior to being privy to the material for his book, I was consistently amused by his posting about his personal observations of the world around us.

He is the perfect mixture of humorous and wholesome. When I say Randy is the sweetest person of all time, he truly is, and I would fight anyone that said different. Randy was one of the first people in our community that made me feel at home and will always be one of the reasons I love where we live.

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