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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Remembering Sherry McBroome

By Terra Avilla

It’s with a heavy heart, but also with a smile as I write about my sweet friend, Sherry McBroome.

Anyone who knows the McBroomes will tell you about how bright her light continues to shine even after her recent passing. I wanted to take this week to remind you all of the profound impact one person can have on an entire community.

Sherry and her sweet husband were among the first people to extend kindness to me when I arrived in town. I was literally an outsider walking main street, asking people for donations. Nobody knew me, and at the time, nobody knew what Holiday with a Hero was either. (At the time we called it Shop with a Cop).

Sherry, however, instantly had a warmth and generosity which was evident the second I stepped into her jewelry store.

One of my most favorite Sherry memories, is when she won the auction at the policeman’s ball, where we in fact, auctioned off police officers for a four-hour period. In a stroke of genius that perfectly captured her fun-loving nature, she placed the winning bid on the police officers and with her newly “acquired” officers in tow, set up the officers to serve lemonade in her store during a wine walk.

It was quite the spectacle, but it definitely brought smiles and laughter to all who witnessed it.

As time passed, I came to consider Sherry a friend. Funny, and kind. A type of friend that is just hard to come by. One of Sherry’s most cherished gifts to our family was the handmade blankets she created for each of my daughters.

These weren’t just blankets; they were labors of love, crafted with care and thoughtfulness. The last one she made for Mavery, even while battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, stands as a testament to her spirit and her selflessness.

In one of our final conversations, Sherry called me out of the blue. Despite having just been placed into hospice care, her concern was still for others. She asked about my family and, in typical Sherry fashion, offered me a dog kennel or a kitten – always thinking of how she could help, even in her final days.

When I became emotional, she comforted me with words I’ll never forget: “Oh, don’t be sad. I’m ok. I know where I’m going.”

Sherry’s approach to life, even in its twilight, serves as an inspiration to us all. Her faith, her commitment to giving, and her ability to find joy in the smallest things remind us of what truly matters. She truly has the spirit of our community – resilient, caring, and always ready to help.

Her legacy challenges us to be kinder, to give more freely, and to face our challenges with grace and humor.

Sherry absolutely loved her family, and her friends. She was the proudest of proud grandmas. I wish her family so much peace and comfort in this time. It was so evident she cherished you all so much!

To Sherry, who made our little corner of the world brighter – thank you. Your memory will continue to inspire me, reminding us why we love this place and the people who make it special.

May we all strive to live a little more like Sherry – simply trying to make our community a better place, one handmade blanket, one kind word, one selfless act at a time. Love you always, my friend.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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