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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Tera Harkema

By Terra Avilla

Tara Harkema. No, I am not just picking her to write about her because she has the best name that ever existed. I am writing about my dear friend Tara because she is a remarkable human being, who spends her time lifting others up, and doesn’t spend enough time (or really any) being in the spotlight.

I met sweet Tara through my work, and we instantly clicked. She was funny, smart, easy to talk to, the least pretentious human I have ever met.

One of those people who you meet for a couple of months, but it feels like you have known them for ages. That is just how being Tara’s friend feels. Comfortable.

My dear name twin works hard at LCC in our facilities department. However, no matter what the day brings, Tara is just always in a good mood. While Tara is dedicated to one department of the college, she knows about every program, and she is always willing to stay an extra hour or make an extra call if it will keep a student in class or help a co-worker. I know because I have seen it.

Beyond her professional life, Tara is the proud mother of three very active teenagers, Wyatt, Brayden and Addy. They are all at that season in life where they are all very busy playing sports or doing their extracurriculars.

Tara’s involvement doesn’t stop at just attending games or practices; she is deeply involved in her children’s development, providing not only the financial support (or the logistics of getting them to and fro) but also emotional and motivational support. Her presence at their events, cheering them on, no matter the outcome, speaks volumes about her as a momma.

My favorite thing about Tara is that she cheers for all the kids, not just her own. She has this wonderful mentality that it is important for kids to know that the entire community is supporting you, not just your own parental posse, so there she goes cheering for every kid on every team …and often the other team as well.

But it’s not just being a great sports momma. Tara also has a knack for the arts, and this past Broadway was there singing along with her middle son Brayden. It was an awesome moment watching Tara take the stage with her son for the Best of Broadway performance.

She has a stellar voice. She is a prime example of a humble individual with exceptional singing abilities. Me? If I sounded like Tara, I would never ever shut up. (You think I don’t quit talking now… just imagine if I had a set of pipes like my gal Harkema – everything would be sung in a ballad format.)

Tara is just a good, sweet human being, who I have been so blessed to get to know. She makes this whole busy mom lifestyle look easy, when really, it’s anything but. I appreciate her smiles and her hellos more than she knows, and I am certain I am not alone in my deduction that Tara just rocks and is one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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