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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Jillian Owens

By Terra Avilla

There is nothing like running into your everyday hero, in casual passing, to remind you that real life, excellent role models do exists, even for adults. This past weekend, I ran into one of my role models, a woman who I have admired for a variety of reasons, and in every encounter she provides a million more reasons why she is just simply, the best – Jillian Owens.

I first met Jill when she was working in the Emergency Room here at our local Banner Lassen Hospital.

Let me tell you, that in and of itself, deserves an immense amount of recognition. The things those nurses see, treat and deal with all with professionalism and grace, astounds me.

Every time I would see Jill, she was so calm and nice. Always so willing to help. Even when I was cranky and disheveled, she was calming and sweet.

However, Jill, like all incredibly amazing people, had a goal to become a Physician’s Assistant and even though she was already working a demanding job, was keeping up with being a mother to her beautiful baby, and a great wife.

She put herself through school, and made the schooling look easy. If she was ever stressed, or frazzled, she sure didn’t show it.

Now Jillian works at Northeastern Rural Health where she is dedicated to helping treat our community, while balancing the demands of her now, more stressful than ever job, adding a second wonderful little bundle of joy to her life and doing so in the middle of a pandemic.

She does all of these amazing things while remaining humble, yet still so attentive to those around her.

When I saw her at a recent party, she so genuine in questioning about how I was doing, wanting to celebrate things I have achieved.

Now, mind you, at that exact moment in time I just so happened to be battling a bad bout of morning sickness, had my hair in a messybun, and was maintaining my normal frazzled status quo. (The exact opposite of Jillian)

Yet during our conversation this sweet woman sat and spoke with me, her gentle sweet nature just made me feel better. She offered such encouraging words. I am telling you, you cannot dislike this woman, even if you tried.

The thing about Jillian is, she is my hero, but I know I am not alone. My other good friend and Nurse Meagan Pon often echoes my sentiments, as every time Jillian is mentioned, Meagan will spontaneously state how amazing and smart and kind she is. As does pretty much anyone else when you bring up the wonder that is Jill.

Jill does so much for our community and for her family and she is truly someone I will continue to always look up to. She is one of my all-time favorite heroes and one of the reasons I love the place we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff.com Publisher/Editor
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