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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Lassen High School Security


By Terra Avilla

If you asked me to name the security guards at my high school when I went there, I could not even tell you what they looked like. During my work at Lassen High, I can tell you that out of the 900+ students at the school, I would bet that 899 of them know and love Security Officers Dave, Isaac and Brent.

When I started at the school, I quickly realized that Dave and Isaac are Lassen High legends for a reason.

They had a rapport with all of the students, not just knowing their names, but knew their hobbies, siblings, and in some of their cases remembered their parents from when their parents when to the high school.

Dave and Isaac could get upset and agitated students to break down their walls and actually be receptive to help.

I often get complimented with how well I can speak to teens. However, I can, without doubt, say I owe that skill from watching Dave and Isaac over the years. And my skills still pale in comparison to those two.

I learned quickly that kids can only open up to people they trust, and time and time again, Dave and Isaac were able to counsel and speak to kids when the student would not speak to anyone else.

Watching them work with students, I learned the importance of being genuine in my words, and I was shown the importance of getting to the community I serve.

Countless times I watched them receive a small bit of information. With this small amount of information they were able to expand on it due to how well they knew their student body.

They were able to provide a safer campus. They were able to quickly secure weapons. They were able to quickly retrieve and confiscate contraband. I would give them a partial description of a student and the make of their car, and off the top of their head, they were able to quickly identify the student I needed. They never ceased to amaze me.

My awe for them continued when I observed not only how effective they were but also at how passionate about helping students that they were. When I say they care, I mean they care. They didn’t just use their knowledge of the student body to help them confiscate items or identify students in surveillance footage. They used their knowledge to help students that were struggling. On more occasions than I can count, Dave or Isaac would go to the store and purchase food, clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc. for the students they knew needed help but were too proud to ask for help.

For holiday with a hero, they donated their time and money. Even going out of their way to Herlong to pick up a student to take to the event that did not have a ride. They care. They set an example that the students admire. They joke with students, checking on them, as they flash by them on that ever iconic golf cart they use to zip around campus.

Now some of you may not yet know Brent. Brent joined the famous “Dave and Isaac dream team” this year. I can tell you Brent is cut from the same cloth and is as equally blessed with the finesse it takes to work with teenagers. Lassen High School is lucky to have them, and as a parent, you should know that even though they aren’t armed, I can tell you, when we have lockdowns, those boys do everything in their power to make your babies safe.

I used to talk to them about what they would do during a critical incident on campus. Their response is always the same, they would secure students. Save students. Try to help law enforcement. Try to stop the attacker. No weapons. No bulletproof vests. They would just try to protect their school and the students they serve.

Brent, Dave, and Isaac are hometown heroes and as much as I tease them and lord knows they tease me, they are three of the reasons I love the place we live.

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