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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Linda Treece


By Terra Avilla

I will forever be grateful for a seven-year-old, named Katie Loflin. Little Katie is the reason the world’s best teacher waited to retire.

You see Katie is Linda Treece’s granddaughter and the wonderful Mrs. Treece waited until this year was over to retire. Meaning, my little Peach got to have her as her first-grade teacher, and blessing for sure.

I know that if you have lived here for any amount time, you must be familiar with Linda Treece.

She has been an iconic teacher in our community for the past 25 years and I am so thankful at least one of my daughters got to have her, because let me tell you this, the kids all love Mrs. Treece.

And if you are around her for more than one second you will understand why children love her. She has the perfect disposition to teach little minds. She is the absolute correct mixture of sweet, and smart, yet somehow manages to keep twenty-five little bodies in their seats all day.

Now, I adore children, but there is no way I could make it my career to teach them, let alone be in a room with them day in and day out. When I pick up Peach at the end of the school day, I don’t know whose smile is bigger, the kids, or their teacher. She is just a beautiful, wholesome light.

Truly a great teacher. And not only is her personality wonderful, but let’s talk about what my daughter has learned while in her class.

My child is a very bright girl and Mrs. Treece keeps her challenged and engaged. I have seen so much growth in Peach, and I know that so much of it is due to her having such a wonderful teacher. Like all wonderful educators, not only does she care about what her students are learning, Mrs. Treece cares about them as people.

There was a stretch in January where my poor girl was having tummy troubles and missed a lot of school. I received e-mails from Mrs. Treece, not hounding me about missing assignments, but checking up on my daughter. In fact, Peach could not wait to go back to school, because she missed her teacher so much.

Moreover, living in our wonderful community, you get to see the benefit of the longevity of her career. Did you know that this year in her class she has the son of one of her first students? She has literally taught generations of our counties’ students. How lucky we are.

Mrs. Treece is a phenomenal teacher, and while I am sad she will not teach my younger two daughters, I am so happy for her to be able to enjoy her beautiful family and grandchildren. (Plus at least we still have her daughter as a teacher!).

Linda, you have touched the lives and hearts of hundreds of children, instilling a lifelong love of learning, and a safe place for kiddos to be six- and seven-year-old! Congrats on your retirement.

From all of your former students and their parents, we hope it is just as wonderful as you are! You will always be one of the reasons so many of your students (young and old) love where we live!

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