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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Michelle Davenport

Michelle Davenport with Pearl and Peach

By Terra Avilla

People continually ask me how I chose the topics that I write about and if it’s hard to think of things’ every week. The answer is no… in fact the hard thing is that there are so many things I want to write about but I have to choose one over the other.

But then there are weeks like this one, when I just feel compelled to not wait another week, or another moment, without telling you all how wonderful something is.

That wonderful ‘something’ for this week is Michelle Davenport.

Michelle is the perfect mixture of an adopted mom, an aunt, and friend. Michelle is my family. Michelle is my entire family’s family. She is sweet and thoughtful and caring and patient.

Lord… she is patient.

Simply put, without her help over the past 5-years the Avilla household would not have held it together through late worknights on my end, mixed with Frankie’s hectic work schedule which takes him out of the area frequently.

I cannot count the number of calls and texts from me apologizing to Michelle that I would be late to pick up my kids. Michelle’s reply is always the same, “We’re fine, we just (insert fun activity) and are about to (insert some other fun activity), take your time.”

Then she sends me a picture of my girls laughing or snuggling with her or one of her kiddos.

My family would not function without Michelle’s support and love.

Moving over from Reno to Susanville, I knew only my husband. So, when we discovered I was pregnant, I panicked. My parents and Frankie’s parents were an hour and a half away. Who would watch my little girl? Who could work with my ever-changing work schedule? Who could I trust to take care of the most important thing in my world?

I knew I wouldn’t have immediate help for those million questions first time moms experience: is this rash normal? Is the baby eating too much? Eating too little? Sleeping enough? When are her teeth coming in? Good golly how do I potty train this stubborn little human? And on and on.

Then I found Michelle.

I met her and all of my worries evaporated. She felt like home. Since that day Michelle has been right alongside my family as we have now grown from one little Peach – to a Peach and a little Pearl.

Michelle is always available for my bizarre questions and helped me and Frankie grow as parents. I am so blessed that my girls have ‘Auntie Chelle.’ They love her so much. My husband and I love her so much.

Her house is overtaken with toys and sippee cups, bouncers and toddler-sized shoes for my children. It is their home away from home.

I remember one day I had an in-custody on my shift and I was held over. I couldn’t leave. Frankie was out of town and Michele called me and said Peach wasn’t feeling good.

I felt awful that I couldn’t be there, but comforted knowing Michelle loves my kids as her own and was taking care of her.

When I picked up Peach, she told me all about how she threw up in Michelle’s bed and Michelle cleaned up the mess and rubbed her back until she fell back asleep.

I was – and am – so grateful for the caring heart in that woman.

And it’s not just me that Michelle pours her heart into serving. Michelle has raised a gaggle of her own children and yet still finds time to give her love back into the community.

For instance, about twice a year, Michelle gets dozens of flowers or ‘Smiles’ as she calls them and delivers them throughout the community.

In accordance with Michelle’s wishes I won’t go into all of the selfless things she does or donates to, however, I can say that Michelle loves to serve. She donates time and money into this community without ever once stepping into the limelight.

Michelle has been one of the most integral people to my family’s success in Susanville. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not reminded how lucky I am to have her in my life – in my children’s lives. She is interwoven into my family, and whether she likes it or not – despite how old my girls get she is stuck with the Avillas forever.

She is one of the first reasons Susanville felt like home and she is definitely one of the reasons I love the place I live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor


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