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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Officer Fred Foulk

By Terra Avilla

This week’s topic is so great, it took me a whole extra day to prepare. (Okay maybe that and the three-day weekend threw me off, but really this week’s feature is truly one of my all-time favorite humans, Fred Foulk.

In a political climate where society is demanding the very best from our profession, our little community should be ever so thankful that we have the very best among us, like Officer Foulk, or as I know him “Freddie.”

Foulk spent the majority of his youth growing up in Susanville. I love hearing Fred talk about his teenage years, because, when it comes to relating to our youth, he understands not wanting to go to school, and the normal tribulations of growing up in a small town. However, he is also a shining model of what making good choices and hard work can accomplish.

Anyone who has ever met Fred would tell you that he is about the most honest, straightforward person you will ever meet. In my time as his partner, I have learned that my “little brother” is a great listener, fair and honest. He is courageous and he is smart.

No matter what call we went to I knew that I had a partner who I could count on to make sound, safe decisions that best served the community. Additionally, I could always count on him to make me laugh when the amount of paperwork made me want to do anything but.

If I were to have any sort of emergency, it would be Officer Foulk that I would want to respond. He is the epitome of what every officer should be, and in his time at our department, he has become not only all of our friends but someone we all look up to, despite the fact that he is comparably quite younger than most of us.

Fred loves this community and is always the first to offer to pitch in to help with any sort of extracurricular activity. He acts as exemplary on the job as he does off the job.

You would be hard-pressed to find a man who loves his family as ferociously as Officer Foulk does. I don’t think the man can go more than an hour or two into his shift without mentioning his beautiful wife or his adorable girls. (He has two little cuties under the age of two!)

Fred spends a lot of his time helping his parents, whom he adores, and also watching his grandmother, who through Fred, all of us at the police department have come to cherish.

And like all of my male partners, he truly hates the spotlight. Despite the fact that so many people adore and love him, Officer Foulk hates being the center of attention, which makes this even better for me.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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