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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Patti Robison

By Terra Avilla

Welp. What do you do when you are grumpy and overstressed? You go to IGA and you see the best checker of all time in the whole world, Patti Robison.  If you have lived in Susanville for more than a day, I know you know Patti.  Everyone knows her sweet face.  She is in essence what makes IGA so great.

Part of them being so home town pride surely must be because they get to see Patti all day every day, and know how much the customers adore her.  I seriously do not think IGA would ever feel the same without that beautiful thousand-watt smile of hers glowing from the check stand.

I think we take for granted the simple benefit of having people we know, and love work in our communities. I can pretty much tell you if you shop in a bigger city the staff at their supermarket are not going to know your name, ask how your spouse is, or be able to call your children by their names.  Our own Patti can and does.  I don’t know how she does it but she does.

Over the past seven or so yours I have gotten to know her. I can tell you that the light and joy she has inside the store is exactly what you see outside.  Patti is more than just an integral part of IGA, she is in essence, kind of the mascot for our town.

She has a heart of gold, (she has spent years donating her time to multiple organizations).  Strives to make her corner of the world a beautiful place, and is about as genuine as a friend as you can be. If you look at pictures of her, you will see photograph after photograph of Ms. Patti smiling with people from every niche in this community. They all love her and for a very good reason.

I will always remember when the police department was assisting with a food drive outside of IGA, and Patti helped me corral people (and slightly guilt them) into donating.  She allowed me free use of their intercom system, much to poor Todd’s dismay, but I just remember her smiling and laughing, and it brought me such joy and the food bank a lot of donations.

Patti has become synonymous with the ‘home’ feeling that Susanville has for me.  Probably because she is everything that makes home feel wonderful.  Warm and kind and loving, and of course, one of the reasons I love the place we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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