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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Portia Korver

By Terra Avilla

2020 was definitely a year to thank our doctors and nurses, but I think to be honest, that every year we should show them this same level of admiration. Lassen County is especially lucky to have some of the great ones that we do, such as this week’s feature, Portia Korver.

To be fair, I want it noted, that at one point, I thought I was getting special treatment from her because I was her friend. Turns out, she treats everyone the same way, giving them superior care.

I’m sort of conflicted in writing this, as I don’t want all of you discovering how amazing she is, and now flooding her charts. I am very needy, and what I love about Portia is that she is always available to me. (Joking, but not really).

I know that medical care providers are inundated right now. I know that they are trying to wade through so much uncharted territory, and I know that they most often than not, don’t want to hear my five minute dissertation of my medical history.

However, when I go to Portia’s office, no matter what, I feel like she truly listens to my concerns, (even if that means she has to listen to my unrelated rambling for fifteen minutes).

She listens and smiles politely as I rant about every weird twinge and pain, she never makes me feel crazy or silly for what I’m telling her. At my last visit, just being able to talk to her made me feel better.

The added benefit of going to see her at her office is that I get to see Doria Dalu who works up front, who I could easily feature in an article all on her own. Doria is polite and funny and sassy, and any anxiety someone might have about going to the doctors would be eradicated when they stepped foot in that office.

They are just the embodiment of the bests parts of living in a small town. They know you. They care about you. They are willing to go the extra mile to help you, because to them, you aren’t just a patient, you are their friend, neighbor, etc.

Portia’s heart does not just extend to love for her work and patients, Portia is a very active community member. I love seeing her warm smile in church. Portia is a Lassen County native and we should be incredibly grateful that she decided to stay here and practice here. Our county is fortunate to have caregivers like Portia – smart enough to handle anything yet compassionate enough to understand anyone.

Which is why she is one of the reasons I love the place we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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