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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Victoria Estrada

By Terra Avilla

One of my favorite things about writing this article is, surprising the recipient, the day of.  I never tell the person that I have written about them. Usually first thing in the morning, one of my very good friends, Victoria Estrada, usually sends the recipients the article to surprise them.

Week after week, Victoria happily asks me, who or what I am writing about, and then when I tell her the current week’s topic, she says, “Oh I love them!”

Well, this week, it is well overdue to be her turn to be my feature.  Most of you know Victoria by her vibrant smile, and booming personality.  When “V” is present at an event, you know it.

V started at our police department working as a Youth Services Officer. A position in which she did thousands of hours of outreach and education to teens in our community.  Victoria was relatable and passionate in that position.

The teens loved her.  Even though she would show them “tough love”, and hold them accountable, she had a way of doing so that made her a magnet for kids.  They loved her, and they often were more scared of disappointing Mrs. Estrada than of getting in trouble from me.

V has since moved into the position of Administrative assistant to at the police department, and that woman wears so many hats. I honestly cannot even keep straight what she does because she kinda just does it all.  She is a work momma to our young officers and a sister and a friend to me and other staff.

V ensures the officers and other staff at the office are taken care of in a variety of ways. (She braids my hair and makes me salsa on a consistent basis, so needless to say, my needs are met.)

Over the past seven years I have known her, she has become a close friend and someone who I love very much.  I have watched her volunteer her time to an insane amount of community events (Salvation Army, Holiday with a Hero, the Susanville Police Explorers, coaching youth sports, volunteering at her adorable daughter’s schools, food drives, clothing drives, etc).

The woman really can’t say no, and here’s a tip- if your child is selling anything, bring them to the police department.

Victoria cannot say no to cute little kids, no matter what they are selling.  I think she spends her salary, giving it back to the community.

Victoria is a loving mother who seems to have more hours in the day than I do.  Her daughters always have Pinterest ready hair, and she somehow also manages to make balancing all their school needs with her husband’s very demanding career as well as her own look so easy.

Victoria is one of the very best parts of our community as she embodies so much of what makes a small town great: she thinks of others. She loves her family. She is devoted to helping her community and she is an all around great person, who we are lucky to have have her.

I can only imagine her face when she logs onto Susanvillestuff this morning, ready to make someone’s day by sending them my article. Well Victoria – today is your day. You are one of the reasons, I love the place we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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