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Dispatches from the Lucky Land of Lassen

The Class of 1988 at our 30th reunion. That’s a pretty fun group of people!

By Jeremy Couso
Publisher and Editor, SusanvilleStuff

When I write about a subject here in Dispatches I am used to hearing about it afterward – people stop me in a store, or email or message me, and I am always glad for the feedback. But nothing prepared me for the response I got after last week’s column.

It seems that the discussion about our upcoming 35th Lassen High class reunion, and my trepidation about going, touched a lot of nerves.

First, I am super glad to find out that I am not the only person who struggles with the decision to go. I thought that perhaps I was just cranky and anti-social, but after hearing from so many of you who have reunion anxiety too, I feel a little better about it.

Reactions ranged from the chorus of folks who optimistically told me, “Go! You’ll have a great time!” to an equal number told me they had never been to a single reunion and couldn’t imagine ever going to one!

(As a sidenote: Did you ever see the John Cusack movie Grosse Pointe Blank? One of my favorite high school reunion movies.)

One person said, “I lasted 30 minutes at the first (and last) reunion I attended and that was 40 years ago. Still remember the awkward feeling. I’m sure that you will have a great time though.”

Another Lassen alum, who will remain anonymous, wrote me to say she didn’t like anybody in her class, but she always goes to the reunion for the class ahead of her because those people were way cooler and more fun.

Here is a dichotomy for you: Four people said that if they lived here, they would go to the reunion, but traveling makes it much harder. On the other hand, I had four other people tell me they don’t need to go to the reunion because they live here and see everybody all the time.

Then, there are the reunion folks. The people who love to go to reunions! It’s true! I got a bunch of messages from people who absolutely love going to their reunions and would not miss them for anything in the world. They look forward to each one, hoping to catch up with everybody. They make plans together with their high school friends and do stuff together when they are in town. The whole reunion weekend becomes an event.

If you haven’t been back to Susanville in while, now would be a great time to come home for a reunion. The weather has been beautiful this summer and the town looks great, still green and spring-like even this late in the year.

Our class reunion is being held at Sentimental Journey in Janesville and the evening will be beautiful, of course. It’s always a classy event out at the McMullen’s.

Also, I’ve just been informed that there will be a special ‘Back to the 80’s’ trivia night at Bottle and Brush Art Bar on July 21st, the night before the reunion. After that gets over you can come down to the Fair to see us old guys in Forgery playing music from 8:00 to 11:00. (Well, that wandered off into self-promotion.)

Reunion organizers have also added an option to attend virtually! We didn’t imagine that 35 years ago.

So, I don’t think I’m any closer to a decision than I was a week ago. Sigh.

If you are less wishy-washy than I am and have decided you would like to go to the Class of 88’s reunion you can follow this link for ticket information. I am not sure when the deadline to purchase them is. I should probably find that out.

Pickleball Has Come to Susanville

I was out on my morning walk Thursday and came across a group of folks playing Pickleball at the courts on North Street by Memorial Park. Pickleball looks like some awesome fun and, although my knowledge of the sport is very thin, I do know it is sweeping the nation at the moment, having gained momentum over the last five years.

I read a statistic from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association trade group that said in the United States Pickleball has grown from 8.9 million players in 2022 to 22 million in 2023!

Here in town, I was told by an authoritative Pickleball source, the group of players has grown to more than fifty! There is a league and a schedule and everything. Have you thought about giving the sport a try? If you are interested in playing with the big group of local Pickleballers you can find out more information by emailing Tom Downing at [email protected].

Randy’s Gallery

Randy Robbins, Northeastern California’s famous outdoor adventure photographer, did a soft opening for his new gallery at 800 Main Street, during Thursday evening’s Famers Market.

Randy and Jill have done an amazing job on the interior of the historic building, which is now truly an anchor in the uptown sector.

It’s really exciting to see one of our vintage buildings being properly cared for. The fact that it is filled with Randy’s awesome photos makes it that much better.

Summer Vacation

Oh, I am so excited. It’s time for our SusanvilleStuff Summer Vacation! Hurray! For one week we will be pretty scarce around here, only making an appearance if there is breaking news, or if something breaks. Let’s hope for a boring 4th of July week! When we come back from vacation it will be time to prepare for this year’s Lassen County Fair, which starts July 19th.

Have a great Fourth of July everybody and I’ll see you back here next week.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff.com Publisher/Editor
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