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Historical Society Presents Mural Tour


This weekend the Lassen Historical Society will present an opportunity for fans of local history and art to learn more about the amazing murals that grace buildings throughout uptown Susanville.

The murals, painted over the last 20 years, depict scenes from Susanville’s past and pay homage to historical figures that have shaped our area.

At 4:00 on Saturday afternoon the Historical Society will offer a guided living history tour where fascinating characters, like founding father Isaac Roop and photographer J.H. Eastman, will step right out of the murals to tell the group the stories, history and art of each masterpiece.

Detail from "Our Ancestors, Our Future" mural on Lassen Street.


Janet Corey, past president of the Historical Society and organizer of the tour, explained that, “The presenters do it in first person which adds a different element to the story.”

Audience members are encouraged to ask questions, and according to Corey, “It turns out to be a real give and take as it gets these folks thinking and asking questions.”

The tour, featuring 9 different presenters, begins in the Bank of America Parking at Main and Gay streets and a donation of $5.00 a person is being asked, with all funds benefitting the Lassen Historical Society.

This mural, featuring legendary local photographer Jervie Eastman, is one of the attractions on tomorrow's tour.



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