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Team Effort: County Employees Work Together to Rescue Injured Deer

Effects of the tranquilizer shot kicked in when the injured deer reached the river requiring a rescue effort by County employees

A group of employees from several County agencies worked with Fish and Game to rescue an injured deer behind their building on Riverside Drive several weeks ago. The large deer was found in the employee entrance at the building when everyone arrived at work, hobbled by PVC pipe which had somehow become wrapped around his foot.

At first, according to Mondy Rigling a Legal Secretary from the Lassen County Public Defender’s office, Susanville Police were successful in getting the deer to leave, but he soon returned to the spot where employees had found him.

In the afternoon a Fish and Game officer arrived and determined that he would need to tranquilize the deer and remove whatever was on his hoof.

He prepared his dart gun and tranquilized the deer who, in response to the shot in the butt, took off and ran into the Susan River, before the effects of the tranquilizer started to kick in.

“At this point,” explains Rigling, “myself, my coworker Katy Root, from the Public Defender’s Office and Brandon Gutierrez, a DCSS employee and the Fish and Game officer were right behind it.”

Mondy Rigling from the Lassen County Public Defenders office helps tend to the injured deer.

“The deer ultimately passed out from the tranquilizer and was dragged out of the water, we knew we weren’t going to get him up the hill by ourselves and would need assistance, I called my husband and a friend who came down to help carry the deer up and out of harm.”

Katy Root, according to Rigling, ran to the Public Defender’s office to get towels, table cloths and, “literally whatever we could find to warm the deer.”

The Good Samaritans brought out heaters and Gutierrez’s wife arrived with blankets.

“We managed to cut the PVC pipe stuck around his hoof and we gave the deer some first aide and treated the wound,” said Rigling.

“It was amazing how hard we all worked to save this deer.”



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