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Lassen District Library Gets New Sign Thanks to Rotary Project

The Lassen Library District’s new sign -photo provided

After more than 25-years the Lassen District Library on Main Street has a newly renovated sign, based on the old sign’s design, thanks to a Susanville Rotary project and some dedicated volunteers including Marty Heath from Western Nevada Supply, Morgan Nugent, Rotary Club president and the library district’s first board president Marshall Leve.

Students in Mr. Somerville and Mr. Fike’s classes at Lassen High’s metal and woodshops, along with art students guided by Ms. Weiher, all contributed to the construction and painted background effects.

Western Nevada Supply supplied the metal portion of the sign.

In the early 1990’s Lassen County announced that it would be closing its library service because of a lack of funds, and although county voters did not support a library, Susanville voters created the Susanville Library District.

“The old sign, built with donated specially milled lumber and crafted by the CCC woodworking class, was put in place in 1997 by Rotarians including Mike Kirack on the forklift,” explains Leve.

“The old sign displaying the local mountains with a soaring eagle announced the Susanville Library District. Over time the mountains lost their vibrance, the eagle lost a wing, and the library changed its name.”

“Today and well into the future the Lassen Library District will be recognized by its sign and more importantly for its staff and their service to our community.”

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