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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Celeste Wiser

By Terra Avilla

The problem with being so amazing is that I look at you, after all of these years of writing my article, and just assume that I have already written about you, because – how could I have not? This momma of three is seriously just such a community superstar that I simply looked at Celeste Wiser and thought, of course, you have already written about her.

But guys – I have not.

I have written about Lassen Family Services’ Dancing for a Brand New Me, which Celeste has tirelessly volunteered her talents for as a choreographer.

I have written about Lassen Resiliency which involves Celeste again. There she volunteers her time as a SART nurse, performing exams on young victims locally so they don’t have to travel.

This organization focuses on supporting the most vulnerable members of our community, and benefits immensely from Celeste’s energy and advocacy.

Speaking with her, even only briefly, about her work there and it is evident the belief she has in the importance of standing up for those who need it most.

She had to undergo hours and hours (weeks) of training – all to volunteer her time. Hours of work in her already busy schedule so she can help people. A true public heart.

I have written, of course, about Holiday with a Hero, but did I tell you guys about how much help Celeste offers to this organization?

J and J Performing arts was a featured here a year or two ago, however Celeste as the sole feature was not. Her love for dance adds another layer to her contributions to Lassen County.

As a dance instructor at J&J Performing Arts, she brings joy, discipline, and creativity to her students. I know this because my daughter is in her class and can’t stop singing her praises.

Her involvement in events like “Dancing for a Brand New Me” showcases her commitment to using the arts as a force for good, raising awareness and support for important causes.

Did I mention that in the melee of all of her volunteerism, as well as her very busy full-time job working in the nursing program at Lassen College, she somehow also manages to be a very present mother of three children. Three small, very busy little kids.

Lastly, what I believe truly sets Celeste apart is her remarkable ability to balance her professional and volunteer commitments with her personal life. Despite her busy schedule, she remains a devoted mother, wife and active member of her church community.

Her presence at church every Sunday is a testament to her faith and grounded nature.

Celeste’s impact on Lassen County goes beyond her roles as a nurse, educator, volunteer, and dance instructor. It’s her kindness, humility and unwavering commitment to her community that truly make her a pillar of strength and grace.

Her story is a powerful reminder that making a difference isn’t just about grand gestures; it’s the everyday acts of love, dedication and kindness that truly shape our county for the better.

So sweet Celeste, this is your week to bring all that you do into the spotlight. I want to sing your praises, so the entire community knows why you are one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso
SusanvilleStuff.com Publisher/Editor
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