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Why We Love This Place Wednesdays: Cesar Rios

By Terra Avilla

Last Wednesday I received my usual, “You didn’t have to write about me, but I am very thankful!” text from that week’s subject. Last week I wrote about my dear friend Ben Parrish, and as I received his thank you text, he also added that the guys he works with were giving him a hard time (in a loving way I’m sure) about being featured in my article.

I told him that they better be nice, or I would write about them too, and he informed me that if that was the case then Cesar Rios, has it coming. And I will tell you – yes, yes, he does.

Cesar is also in the ISU at High Desert and is the friendliest human being I have ever met. When I tell you that everyone loves Cesar, I mean it.

Within seconds of talking to him, you can’t help but love him. He is funny, and smart, and just the nicest kind of guy.

A fun fact about Cesar – I have literally watched him save a life. A couple of years ago at an active shooting training, a role player was choking on her lunch, and Cesar, without hesitation performed the Heimlich and saved her. It was something you watch in YouTube videos, and I had the pleasure of seeing it in real time.

The woman was so incredibly thankful, but also slightly embarrassed and Cesar was so humble and did everything he could to make her feel better.

This was not the only time Cesar has made lifesaving efforts either. Once on a work trip to Reno, he and his partner observed CHP doing CPR on a driver who was in Cardiac Arrest. Cesar and his partner stopped and took over, allowing the CHP to continue calling resources and rest. That man’s heart is always in the right place.

That is just one Cesar story. You want to have the best salsa in the entire world? Cesar Rios. You want to be friends with someone that will always, unprovoked, asked if you need help? Painting, moving, building a drawbridge for your moat – Cesar will do it. No questions asked.

Cesar is incredibly thoughtful and is a “give you the shirt off his back kind of guy.” This last week, I needed a case to lock my firearm in to fly. Within minutes of telling his wonderful wife this, Cesar had offered up not one, but two cases that I could use. He is just a kind person.

Outside of being the world’s greatest friend, Cesar is a great husband to my wonderful friend. Melyssah’s schedule is crazy, and her job is demanding, but I see the support he gives her, and it makes my heart happy.

He is also a very involved dad, and makes it look so easy. He is involved in the life of his two incredible children, often coaching their teams (the most positive coach ever!) and showing up to all their events.

In fact, another one of my favorite Cesar stories, is from when he took his beautiful daughter to the father daughter dance, and that man can move. He was in it to win it when it came to the dance competitions.

I have seen that man donate money, and his time to our community. He is an asset to us at the prison but outside of those walls as well. So, aside from the fact he was teasing Ben, he WHOLE HEARTEDLY deserved to be featured because he is truly one of the reasons I love where we live.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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