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Chief Downing Cautions Susanville Teens on Kony 2012 Protest

Police Chief Tom Downing has some words of caution for Susanville teens who are planning on taking part in the Kony 2012 ‘Blanket the Night’ protest on April 20th.

According to Downing the Susanville Police Department has been monitoring the progress of the Kony 2012 movement and, “wishes to make sure potential participants are aware of the consequences of committing crimes in our community during this event.”

Kony 2012 supporters are planning events nationwide to draw attention to their cause and a group of Susanville teens (see our earlier story here) and others are planning a ‘Blanket the Night’ campaign scheduled for the evening of April 20th.

The ‘Blanket the Night’ campaign is planning on posting signs and posters throughout the community in mass numbers to blanket the town and get their message heard.

“Posting signs and posters on businesses or private property without the permission of the property owner could be considered a crime,” warns Chief Downing, “Likewise, the affixing of these posters to any publicly owned structure, traffic control sign, or utility poles without the approval of the governmental agency could potentially subject individuals to criminal consequences.”

Chief Downing also warned that if juveniles are planning on attending this event they should be familiar with the curfew laws. The City of Susanville has a curfew ordinance that could prevent anyone under the age of 18 from being in a public place or outside the presence of their parent or guardian after 11:00 pm every night of the week.

“The Susanville Police Department has not taken a position on the Kony 2012 movement or the ‘Blanket the Night’ campaign,” stresses Downing, “We simply wish to educate the public, and those wishing to express their views through this event, of the laws as it relates to trespassing, vandalism, littering and curfew.”

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