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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: Trails End Farms


by Hannah Tangeman

The innovative Jason and Rhonda Meadows are proud of their newly constructed hoop house which lengthens the chilly honey lake valley growing season even though it is an unheated structure.

The high tunnel is on wheels which will allow them to move it three times over to rotate crops with shelter. Shoulder to shoulder rows are spaced 12 inches apart for maximum space utilization as lettuce is comingled with tomatoes vines that reach for the heights on sisal twine allowing extra feet of growing territory.

Jason daily coaxes the tomato and cucumber vines up the trestles he constructs to the poly tunnel supports.

Trails End Farm is the only Certified Naturally Grown Farm in North Eastern California which has been inspected to observe organic practices. That means they do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides so they rely on more passive methods of pest control such as avoidance and exclusion.

You will see the occasional weed but they add to the diversity. Salad greens, tomatoes, beets, radishes, carrots, kohlrabi, purple komatsuna (a flavor Asian salad item), and cucumbers amongst other plants inhabit the structure.

In their outside garden, long rows of strawberries of the intensely flavorful Mara De Bois variety, await baskets to travel to the farmers market. This berry is ruby red in its interior with a flavor that rivals its intensity of color. The Meadows find heirloom varieties that stores are not able to offer because they don’t ship well or hold under cold storage. We are the beneficiaries of their horticultural choices.

Trails End Farms is locally famed for their chicken which will be available at the market in late July. They just have their first chicks started on all natural feed while planting grass for the birds to feast upon as green pastures. They have chicken tractors (mobile structures with wheels) that traverse the farm allowing the chickens to access the outside spaces. Their locally raised poultry are a savory choice for your plate.

Trails End Farm are assisted at the market by their two sons who will verify the flavor and freshness of their products.

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