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Going Green in the Garden for Earth Week


A SusanvilleStuff Earth Week Feature
by Melissa Blosser

April 22nd through the 29th is Earth Week and with so many people starting their Spring gardening season off thinking green, we asked an expert for advice. 

“We are seeing a huge movement back toward growing your own,” said Every Bloomin Thing nursery owner, Melissa McCoy. “I think people got away from it for a while, but now people are going back to seeing the value of growing their own tomato and seeing how great it tastes,” she said.

Every Bloomin’ Thing  is fully stocked with organic fertilizers and products and ‘growing your own,’ happens to be their specialty. The nursery carries Dr. Earth organic fertilizer products designed for today’s gardeners who care not only for the environment in their own backyard, but also for that of the entire planet.

These fertilizers have a unique blend of superior organic ingredients that invigorates and improves the biological life in your soil by releasing natural organic plant nutrients.

“If you have an option to use organic fertilizer and compost, it is the way nature intended to be. Once you build that into the soil it lives there and stays there,” said McCoy.

McCoy went on to explain that in our region organics are more important because when fed to plants they see a super nitrogen boost and this causes the plants to really grow.

Synthetic fertilizers ( the alternative to organic) will cause the plant to grow really fast, and then have a thin cell wall. When it freezes there is a lot of water in the stem causing damage. The organic fertilizer helps build thick cell walls and in this climate that is even more important and it can protect the plant from the freeze.

Every Bloomin' Thing owner Melissa McCoy

“I love seeing people plant something in the ground and their entire family watching it grow, there is no better feeling, and doing it with organic soil is so beneficial for the environment and you just get a better outcome with your plants,” said McCoy.

Every Bloomin’ Thing also has a variety of regular classes such as veggie gardening, symphony of soils and worm gardening. These are hands-on gardening classes that will lead you through the process of growing your own garden and giving back to the earth. Starting your own compost pile is also a topic of discussion during these classes.

“Composting is the best form of recycling. An earth farm is the best way to get rid of your kitchen trash and give you back something that is worth something,” said McCoy.

The nursery will be hosting a new event this year ‘Fruit Tasting with Burchell’s Nursery,’ where attendees can taste over 30 varieties of apples, pears peaches, cherries and plums. Burchell’s Nursery will be providing the fruits to sample and will discuss which varieties are hardy for Lassen County.

For more information on classes and events at Every Bloomin’ Thing visit their website by clicking here

“We can help what happens to the next generation,” said McCoy. “We can teach the next generation about the value of trees, grass, flowers, growing your own food and the value of the earth,” she said.

Earth week is April 22nd through the 29th, do your part and help the environment by going green.



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