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Race Across America to the Finish Line


Our coast to coast coverage of the 2011 Race Across America comes to a climax today with Team JDRF IGA predicted to arrive in Annapolis about 10:30 this morning.

Thanks to crew member and WebXtra correspondent Jim Chapman who is keeping us all up to date around the clock. For pictures, video, interviews and more follow this link for expanded Race Across America coverage. 

Carl Moler, Kim Barker and Kimberly Keathley preparing for another pull on the mountain.
Jim sends us this photo of Team JDRF IGA entering West Virginia on Thursday to prepare the first assault on the Appalachians by group B.


Team Captain Tim Skipper and his two sons Scott and Matt, along with Linda Bott, confer once again. They are surveying the ominous weather conditions confronting the team yesterday afternoon.






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