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Race Across America Over the Mississippi


Our coast to coast coverage of the 2011 Race Across America Continues on the 3,000 mile trek from Oceanside, California to Annapolis Maryland.

After crossing the Missouri and Mississippi rivers Rick, Anna and the JDRF IGA Team are racing through the the final leg of their adventure, still on schedule for a sub-six day record in the event.

Thanks to crew member and WebXtra correspondent Jim Chapman who is keeping us all up to date around the clock. For pictures, video, interviews and more follow this link for expanded Race Across America coverage.


Jim sends us this picture from the navigator's seat in the pace car. He just got this shot of Rick and Anna rounding the bend in front of the capitol building at Jefferson City, Missouri.





Jim says, “Seconds after snapping this picture the following car pulled up and I jumped in. I had planned to tsfr out but last minute changes caused me to navigate the next section. I got to see all the eight tandems from the front seat and the team looks strong.”



From the pace car Jim caught this picture of Rick and Anna. Rick said, “I thought Missouri was supposed to be flat?”

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