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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Holiday Programs


By Terra Avilla

Christmas time is upon us in Lassen County. I know, for those of you in disbelief, it seems like just yesterday I was back-to-school shopping for my girls – now December is right around the corner and Christmas is almost here.

With that being said, I want to use the space I am so graciously given by SusanvilleStuff every week to ask for your help.

While Christmas time is, for me, a season of love, carols and wonderful memories with my family, unfortunately, for many others this time of year is one of stress and sadness.

Times are financially hard for everyone and many of you know parents, or are parents, who find themselves struggling to provide any sort of gifts for their children under the tree.

Lassen County has always been so incredibly generous in helping take these families and children under our wings, so to speak, donating through Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, and Holiday with a Hero.

With the end of Lassen County Toys for Tots’ beautiful era the need this year is greater than ever.

So, I am asking you all to help. If you cannot afford to donate or grab one of those iconic red tags off the tree, a donation of your time will truly make all the difference in someone’s life this season.

Perhaps I get on this kick about donating and volunteerism this time of year a little too fervently, but I am also so incredibly lucky to have seen the fruits of these charitable labors.

There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, like seeing a little kid look up in the sky, holding his hot chocolate as Santa lands in helicopter. The joy of the kids as they bounce around waiting to be assigned their hero for a shopping spree.

The parents that get to sigh in relief after getting their beautifully picked-out gifts from Carla and Juanita and the Salvation Army. Santa came for their children this year.

The fun of watching even the littlest humans among us stand on their tippee toes to place their quarter in the red tin.

It’s all of it.

It’s the whole thing wrapped into a big warm pile of fuzziness that makes it all worth it. I get to see it at the end of Holiday with A Hero, I get to see it at the Salvation Army. And this holiday season I want you all to feel it too.

You can make such a huge difference with the smallest donation, or amount of your time.

I promise you – you will enjoy your time ringing that silly little bell. It will be the best thing you do all week. Possibly all month. Plus, you are helping raising funds which are crucial for our county’s holiday programs to survive and continue.

Now, I talk about the Salvation Army and Holiday with a Hero, as though they are interchangeable, but they are, of course, very different. I love what they do so incredibly much.

They also work together very well to serve the maximum number of children and families possible. Both need you this holiday season.

So, I am asking you Lassen County, will you please help these programs make sure that Santa comes?

Salvation Army
Connect with the Susanville Salvation Army at their website or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheSusanvilleSalvationArmy. Here is a link to their How to Give page.

Holiday with a Hero
At Holiday with a Hero a child sponsorship is $150. This price allows each selected, and oh so deserving kiddo, to go on a once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree with a Hero!

$150 is a lot. $5 helps, $10, helps, $20 helps. IT ALL HELPS.

This is our 9th year. 9 years and over 1,200 kids have had their Christmas brightened by the generosity of people like you. Thank you!

You can Venmo your contribution to @lassenhwah If you don’t have Venmo we would gladly accept checks, cash or Walmart gift cards. Click here to connect with HWaH on Facebook.

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