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Why We Love This Place Wednesday: Jennie Hoffman

By Terra Avilla

Oh, my sweet, sweet Jennie. There is just not a sweeter soul in the universe than little Ms. Jennie Hoffman.

If anyone ever said anything bad about her, anyone that knows her, I’m certain, would fight that person.
She is just as true, humble and kind as you can be.

Jennie Hoffman, like all heroes, works at an incredibly selfless job.

Jennie helps be a voice for the voiceless, working at Lassen Family Services, specifically with their Court Appointed Special Advocates program.

This program stands out because it brings together community volunteers who stand up for kids who’ve been through abuse or neglect.

These volunteers are more than just helpers; they’re trained to be the court’s eyes and ears, making sure that every child’s needs and well-being are front and center, even when legal matters get complicated.

While I don’t remember meeting Jennie, I can tell you that as far back as my memory goes – as long as I have known her – I have loved her.

She just has this soothing nature about her. I can tell you that she is really using her God-given gifts to help children. After all, if she has that effect on adults, can you imagine the stability, protection, and comfort she provides to little kiddos in trauma?

But Jennie’s talents and contributions don’t end there. She is also an exceptional singer, gracing local stages with her voice. Her passion for music and helping people shines through as she volunteers her time and talents to our very own Best of Broadway.

Jennie wasn’t even a performer this year and she still made it a point to volunteer, which is a testament to her dedication to her community.

In addition to her professional work and artistic endeavors, Jennie is just an all-around great mother. I don’t think that role gets as much credit as it deserves, so I want to make sure she knows how evident it is.

And, if you have met her wonderful daughters, you would see what happens when you instill confidence and love in your kids.

Her role as a mother is perhaps her most cherished, as she raises her children to be as kind-hearted and generous as she is.

She embodies the very essence of why we love this place – because of the incredible people like her who call it home.

Jeremy Couso
Jeremy Couso Publisher/Editor
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